Liquid Chromatography vs. Distillation - Info-graph from Folium

Hey Future Family,

I got this email blast from Folium Bioscieneces.

I was hoping to get some feedback and thoughts about this info graphic from you guys. Does distillation truly deserve a thumbs down?


This was the second part of their info graphic

Damn, they sure are proud of a tech they stole…


Anyone can figure out how to use chromatography to purify compounds.

It looks like Folium specifically asked about IP and then took it for themselves. What a waste of time and effort when they could have looked up the information.


Folium is NOTORIOUS for stealing tek.
I’ve met with the owner Kashif himself… He’s a character lol. and the owners of our company know him personally and those guys at Folium have (or at least have had) several lawsuits against em.

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Oh, I am very aware


That’s a super good quick read!

What a crock, they are building massive straw man and toss in some red herrings.
Makes me wonder what other shady things they’ve done


I would consider folium to be one of the worst companies I have ever worked with. They are extremely shady and are well known for stealing tech and keeping people waiting for there orders. Super cut throat company that i will never work with again.

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Yea… super shady and a perfect example of big money players that I would rather see out of this industry.

Do you see any downside to SPD?

That’s a matter of opinion. @QGA might disagree lol but Throughput is really the only downside I see when comparing to Wiped Film. Otherwise I haven’t had any issues with SPD

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Who says you need to add a catalyst.

Also what is chromatography medium but “foreign material.”

I don’t like this info graphic because it plays on misinformation that is readily circulated in the community.

It’s a no from me dude


Where can one find the ip :grin:
If this is a public case there will come awnser s soon
Which catalyst :grin:


It’s marketing.

Every big corporation is shady.

But they bought some of their IP. And I’m sure some is really cool.

90% of IP suits are settled before trial. And it is also really expensive to litigate. In the millions.


Even though the source on that article is Folium Biosciences themselves… probably not at all a biasedly written article.

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Folium appears to be an 800 pound gorilla.

found the folium shill

This is interesting. :thinking: was the “proprietary method” just good ol flash chromatography?? Or, Was it really something new and special?

Any thoughts?

If you’re talking about the suit they’re facing from orochem, it was simulated moving bed chromatography.