Liquid Chromatography vs. Distillation - Info-graph from Folium

Any links on this? Never even heard of it

It is essentially the continuous equivalent of column chromatography, and a very technically complicated process.


The company they bought in Amsterdam is nice but I doubt it that good
Vannesa and the guy just a month ago got assets seized by a friend of mine they owe
They break Nda left and right

Needs more corporate buzzwords.


info-graph-from-folium/31571?u=herbalist A brain tickler but perhaps worthy of reflection for reverse engineering or enhancement with a real mobile solid phase

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Great video explains it very well. Since the stationary phase is always almost completely full of separating compound (as opposed to column, which is usually full mostly of solvent), consumption of both media and solvent is greatly reduced and the throughput is higher.

As you can imagine from the switching process, considerable r&d is required to make sure elution timing is perfectly on point, and smbc of this sort can only separate in a binary fashion. And this is likely what Folium is doing, using some protocol that makes THC elite first or last, then cutting that portion from everything else.

However there are even more complicated versions that can separate multiple portions of a given system, perhaps leading to a unified separation stage for minor cannabinoids. Certainly a project well worth investigation by those with the resources.

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Folium is a large company wholesaling to a bunch of smaller companies who frankly are in it for the buck, don’t have the know how, or have not done proper research. They took a simple statement that anyone in the industry already knows and made it pretty with a graphic designer then flood to the masses to cause hysteria.

Better money buys better tech = better results. We all knew this.

I heard along the way that foliums tech is more like @QGA
Where a catalyst is added and up to 8 % of thc disappears but cbd stays mostly intact

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They may have some other techs too but what they tried to steal from orochem was smbc

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The dude here in Amsterdam is good at that so makes sense