Linux for Desktop, Server and Appliances (Noobs to Veterans)

Are you considering Linux as an alternative to Microsoft Windows? Do you run Linux and GNU programs on your server, desktop or computer appliances like IOT or Raspberry Pi? This is the thread to discuss it.

I have been running Debian since 1999. It was version 2.1 and apt, the killer install program had just come out. I accidentally wiped my Windows 98 and DOS 6.22 partitions on my beige box, so I was all in. Slackware had a better network driver, but I was lucky that my dialup ISP supported the network stack. It’s been a love story since then. I tend to stick with Openbox distros like Mabox, Crunchbang++ or LXDE for low RAM usage.

Do you use Linux? Do you want to try something other than Microsoft Windows? Let us know here!


When I stop working 100 hour weeks I’m switching my personal computers over to some form of *nix. Haven’t decided which yet.

I’ve got a couple of Ubuntu servers kicking around handling various jobs, and have dabbled with Ubuntu, Slackware, Mint, and probably others I’ve forgotten as desktops.

I’m sick and tired of Windows’ bullshit mandatory updates and unscheduled reboots that keep coming back after every update even if you disable them through group policy, the registry, and similar.

The amount of telemetry and crapware that is part of the base windows OS these days is disgusting. It used to be that you only have to uninstall a ton of shit if you bought a Compaq or some other bargain bin brand - it wasn’t built into the OS.

I know I could install windows LTSC and get around a bunch of that. But… Fuck it.


I operate a hobby Proxmox Server (inspired and assisted setting up by @sidco) For my Plex Media / Jellyfin.
With a couple other small projects underway.

My vms run Debian/Ubuntu/windows but primarily Ubuntu

When it comes to desktop, my preference was heavy using Linux mint for some time. Now that Linux has Steam and Android Desktop Linux versions are coming out. You’ll find the desktop space for consumers grow in numbers. Which is good. I imagine Ubuntu will get most use.

I game still, and operate programs that are Windows specific and I absolutely hate trying to run .exe on Linux.

Windows now having Linux baked into it, gives you a very bloated but best of both worlds experience if you need both on the same OS.

I have too many games that aren’t Linux ready to ever be 100% Linux.

I’m running my weekly sudo apt update, upgrade, reboot presently to refresh my media servers.

I have around 17TB of Entertainment (Movies, TV Shows, Games) so far running smoothly on this setup.


I tend to use ubuntu LTS for customers servers and some public facing servers because it has handled unattended updates better than debian for me. Very similar story, I got like 20 ubuntu dvds in the mail back when they did that for free, and accidentally nuked the windows install, so I ran with it.
Unironically, gentoo is what I use for i2p, tor, monero nodes with a custom built kernel for the lenovo x200, completely debloated. I have been using openbsd and freebsd off and on for my internal homelab stuff and am comfortable enough to start ditching linux for bsd wherever possible. My firewall, router, backup, nfs servers, and network ids/ips are all bsd.
Devuan is a fork of debian without systemd, and is my daily runner, with a debloated linux-libre kernel on a libreboot x230 bootstrapped and built with GnuGuix. I would like to run openbsd for the daily runner but getting things to work with the corporate world is already hard enough with systemd-less linux, I think it would be impossible with bsd (mostly proprietary shit like teamviewer, zoom, sdrconnect).
XFCE, tmux, nano all the way.


I’ve been using Agrowtek’s GCX Controller, which is a Raspberry Pi running Linux OS. Definitely more stable than Windows and is better suited for this specific application.


Running Ubuntu as a desktop, and virtual box so I can run windows for the GC’s to my right.

Positively ancient hardware, that cost me $150 used ~8 years ago.

Pictured here in 2016(? ~ when rules went into place)


those old alienware cases sure were delightfully gaudy

I built an optiplex for a linux box recently, I bought it to use for octoprint when rpi shortages were really bad but I got a pi4 since then so it’s just a thing to play with for now. I might set it up to dual boot and use it as a HTPC :man_shrugging:


The new ones are still very much so. It was like fixing a badly designed car. Had to move shit outta the way to just put in a new SSD.

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Steam Linux has something called Proton that allows you to play Windows games.

This site has an entire list of games that are supported, and which version to use based on your OS. Proton is already integrated with Steam so you just have to go into the games settings in your library.

Here’s an example. My bad if you already knew this xD I’m much less experienced with linux than most here.

My tower runs Windows 10 and Linux, I just choose which I want to boot into on loadup in the GRUB menu. Both are installed on their own PCI-E NVMe.


I have 10-30+ year old star wars games I can’t let go of for Windows.

Nostalgia games get me.

Honestly may consider trying to build out for Chromium OS & Browser / try my own fork


I have Ubuntu/Windows dual boot on my computer, but I hardly ever use the Windows half, use Ubuntu 99% of the time.

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Checkout the link @terplord420 gave, and
Home - PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily! and
They are basically tried and tested wine configs. Almost all star wars games from your list are available
I was hoping Steam would do more in the realm of porting games with their steam deck / arch linux / gaming machine, time will tell I guess. I lost faith in using energy to making closed source stuff work a long time ago.

I used to game a ton. Pretty much settled on an N64 with everdrive and wireless controllers, which works great btw. It has emulators which run GB, NES, Everdrive, and I guess SNES though the snes emulator I havent gotten to run great, maybe it’s been updated or I just have a lemon, idk.


Wine has left a bad taste in my mouth 10 years ago. I’ll fux with it and see.

@sidco is that a modded N64? Or can you expand on that?

My 2 raspberry pi builds (1 you inspired, 1 I paid for)

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I’m surprised at the amount of people and who they are that are using Linux here. Wow.

My wife loves Batocera (Arch based) to play Katamari Damacy on PS2. I have a Raspberry Pi 5 coming. I’m not sure whether I’m going to use it as a desktop or console gaming machine.


Swap the SDs and be able to do whatever you want.

I have different boots for my Pi4.

Got me hooked on all the possibilities and builds.

I run KODI mainly on mine, and have it playing with my Plex / Jellyfin Servers.

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Nah not modded. Just a n64 with an krizz everdrive
EverDrive-64 X7
This has an sd card you load all the roms into, and when you start the console there’s a list of all the games. They sell them for multiple consoles. It saves the console from wearing out from replacing the cart all the time, and a bunch of features like gameshark.
Then 4 of these wireless controllers with rumblepack built in. 2.4G Wireless N64 Controller Rechargeable Gamedpad Rumble Pak for Nintendo 64 | eBay
The only mod id consider is the hdmi mod but ive never tried it or seen it in person and dont know what im missing so I remain happy without it.


I’m running a light Linux distro right now on an old MacBook. It’s a solid web browsing machine.

I feel like Linux has an awesome place there for taking old hardware and giving it new life


Has anyone integrated ChatGPT API to their Linux terminal yet? I’ve been wanting to do so for fun, but don’t have access to the API yet. Just not trying to spend money frivolously at the moment :rofl:


I’m not setting up any billable API into my computers. If a client demand had that, it’d be sweet. But hell no. Not after openAi is going through shock it stupidly lost its CEO and his #2 and they went directly to Microsoft. OpenAi just murdered it’s future.

Microsoft will buy it all out and the service will be like GitHub (open) but owned


I’ve never had much luck with Wine. I feel like there’s some things that get too complicated for me to devote my time to (hence the dual boot).

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