Lets set D8 straight

In an attempt to set the record straight I propose we as a community could try to get
A standerized sop for the isomerization of cbd to Thc D8
What I think should be possible to be done by us themembers is have D8 made by the several paths known to us and have these analyzed by hopefully @iontrap and @kcalabs

To start this endeavor I propose a poll
To get an understanding of the sop used at this moment by the members of this forum
To get a picture off wich sop should be chosen as starting point of this quest to clean ( non poison containing D8 )

Please Vote on your method used right now
Lets make a sample of the most used sop
Let these samples be analyzed let the outcome of these samples be opensourced
And let’s move from there

I am sure folks like @anon32743824
@Kingofthekush420 @densone. And all the other masters of their trade are willing to do one sample run of a catalyst and have it analysed by dooing this we will all benefit
The professional the amateurs and the consumer we can get this done and there is absolutely nothing holding us back

[poll type=regular results=on_close chartType=bar]

Wich catalyst do you use ?

Ptsa monohydrate
Ptsa anhydrous
Phosforic acid
T41 bentonite clay
Acorbic acid
HCL acid
Ionic resins
Acid activated molecular sieves

Can some one please set up this as a poll I am lost :flushed: @Killa12345 @cyclopath

What catalyst do you use
  • Ptsa monohydrate
  • Ptsa anhydrous
  • Phosforic acid
  • T41 bentonite clay
  • Acorbic acid
  • HCL acid
  • Ionic resins
  • Acid activated molecular sieves

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I just voted to see if it works. Just picked a random choice.


I do not produce any d8. I just voted for the catalyst I believe being the most specific to d8, which is ptsa monohydrate.


Thank you sir @Curious_Roberto
Guy s have no shame if we want to make good meds we might have start back from scratch
But will figure out the best rxn and cleanup for this
Every singel obstical on this path can be solved with all these great minds here
Whether it s cleaning solvent prior to use or catalyst , reaction conditions and the works
We can and will nail this


This is the approach that’s should have been taken from the beginning

Hats off to @Roguelab lab !


I forgot citric acid can that still be added ??


My vote, if we’re going for a safe, defined, product, is always going to be “evolve an enzyme”.

While I can’t come up with a selection scheme off the top of my head(making D8 means you live, not means you die), I believe that I can come up with a decent screening protocol.

I’d start with thca synthase in e.coil. Mutagenize via pcr, clone into lamda. Plate on media with CBD. Perform plaque lifts, and stain with fast blue.

Someone smarter than me might look long and hard at thca & CBD synthase, and make some informed guesses…


F€&/; never knew you speak Chinese :joy:

In all seriousness this can t be that hard to get right
I know we are only the tip of the iceberg in isomerization land but we must and should be concerned off what we make


I’ll provide isolate for five 100g rxns if someone will pitch in for testing.

I have ascorbic, phosphoric, 37% hcl, and ptsa mono but can make it anhydrous as well.

Take your pick and lmk where to send em


I’m out on every part of whatever this is though… whew.


Once the poll has a decent picture of sop used
I suggest we start sharing the work load and $
I appreciate your offer and will get back to you :+1:


This shit comes back clean I’m sending @iontrap a whole case of Camel Crushes


I’m sending in samples


I’m sending spent biomass :sob::sob:


And maybe we can get @Killa12345 to atleast try some when we prove it clean/ method to clean it???


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If he’s not gunna try the proven safe product then he shouldn’t really have a say in this since it’s just obviously a biased opinion that won’t change no matter what steps are taken

That’s all I’m gunna say about him in this thread. Let the science to the talking not biased opinion


@Killa12345 Nah man we are going to load up as much product as we can and head down the trinity over here… them bowlin shirts gonna stank lol


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