Lenticular filter for winterizing

I’m currently using a table top Büchner with lid so I can pressurize, with two kegs as transfer vessels. I’m getting ridiculously slow flow rates. It took my about 22 hours to filter 10gal at like 40°f. I’ve heard lenticular filters are fast as fuck and for this it would be worth it. I have a 12l full bore lab society spd and it takes me like two weeks to even winterize all the crude to fill it before I even rotovap it. So what do you think? If money isn’t really the issue should I get a lenticular? Or any other suggestions to eliminate my bottleneck with my table top Büchner set up? Thanks


You said you’re already running positive pressure from the first tank into the buchner correct?

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you need to use pressure not vacuum. get an air operated diaphragm pump.

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Ya nothing crazy as I’m scared f ripping filter paper or something. But like 5-10psi

What psi would you pump it to?

keg is probably rated to ~55psi - try 25-40
what supports your filter paper?

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Oh ok way higher than I expected.
There’s a perforated disk that the filter papers sit on

Should I be running the vacuum at all if I’m using pressure?

Try not to waste time.

Pig filter will eat material and operate nonstop with pretty close accuracy, well higher accuracy than a lenticular.


Lower the price buddy. You will sell more


We sell them at MSRP or give discounts. It includes alot that comes with it. If you want help on it call the shop and I’ll have someone give you a discount for this forum participation.


If yours is better please tell us!!


I see a pig and I see a filter, which one are we talking about? :sunglasses::wink::upside_down_face:


There’s a bunch of features including a tray, cart with drain tray, hydro ram(fda), upgraded pump, all kinds of stuff we throw in there.

It’s the same architecture but we beef it up and send them out upgraded with features. You are welcome to call smokey and validate that.


Certainly a pig or lenticular filter would do the job, but at 10 gal batch size i would say they are overkill. A bag filter will handle that in 1 or 2 minutes and is way cheaper both for housing and elements


Lower the price of what?

Summit slaps their logo on a dewatering press and charges 7k for it.


The benefit of a lenticular is certainly more surface area, but they suffer from blinding just the same as a buchner type filter would if you are buying too small of a micron size for your first filtration and the filter elements are (comparatively) pretty expensive vs a buchner. What is your starting micron size? Seems ridiculous to take that long to filter 10 gal at above-freezing temperatures.


Do you have a centrifuge on site ?

No I run bho for crude