Large scale hemp consultant looking for part time work over the next 2 months while I build my own lab. I charge 150$ an hour


I’m available over the next 2 months or so as we pull permits and do our buildout for my hemp processing lab in Florida. It doesn’t involve me much since it’s just implementing our plan I’ve already designed. so looking for some consulting work to pay the bills short term.

I’m pretty cheap at 150$ an hour. I can do BHO large scale, ethanol large scale, distillation on short path systems. I’ve designed 4 labs in OR, CO, and FL.

I’ve done a lot of work with thc cannabis and hemp to every form of end product.

I’m currently building my own personal lab and have done a lot more ground work then a lot of consultants that just understand processing. I’ve had to be in charge of electric, floor plan design, coordinating with the city and county, sourcing biomass, sourcing machinery, SOPs, sourcing technicians, and training, among other things.

Feel free to DM me or give me a call at+14076970863


You’re having the same problem I am. No responses. No one here doing industrial facilities. I’m selling industrial PLC equipment and not a nibble.

How big of ethanol operations have you set up?


I’ve actually had 2 people call me so far from this post. One in Kentucky and one in Michigan. Both were going with a 200-300k APEKS machine. Got them lined up with the proper ethanol kits and now I’m rocking and rolling with both of em. So keep the faith bro.

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About 500 pounds a day give or take


Had some great chats with guys in California switching over to hemp. So shout out to all the guys trying to get their hands on trim switch your labs over to hemp, I’ll get you pulling in more cash then before with none of the legal headaches


Damn, I charge $35/hour.

Maybe I ought to rethink my prices.

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You get what you pay for.


I’d put my work up against most—but thanks for the insult, Internet stranger.


I mean you can take that how you’d like good sir. More so a comment on people shopping for knowledgeable consults than you. Know your worth brother


I’ll DM you my resume, ever the expert, you can tell me what I’m worth.

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For sure man


The crude on the right is “standard” low quality crude. On the left is my scrubbed crude. Both are washed warm.

I can get you pumping high quality crude that looks like this with ease, even if you warm wash!


Oh, cool! Florida boy is going to teach us how it’s done and charge us. Thanks brofus!


Not to mention he’s got the final say on how qualified total strangers are to be engineers.


my current lab is in Florida. Spent the past 3 years in Colorado and have been consulting in AZ, OR, MI, and KY for several years before that. No need to be rude brother. I’ll happily send my CV or resume to any possible clients.


Y’all are rather toxic. Just out here helping guys get off the ground


Thanks for the help, pal.


I got to say I don’t get where this is all coming from. $150/hr is a good rate and a lot cheaper than what many are charging. Why not attack Future or Photon who charge $500/hr or even more.


That was my impression too.


Nothing to do about your wage bro or your work. You told a man u knew nothing about that his wage is low because “u get what u pay for”. Not cool Florida, especially when your out hustling for work.