Large scale fresh/ fresh frozen bubble hash machine

Im looking into mass production of fresh/fresh frozen matierial to run into aaa bubble hash for rosin. Im thinking of a giant aggitator type deal hoping some one has seen or heard of such a thing ,any ideas?


50gal units are available from a couple of manufactures. I prefer the magnetically coupled version out of Ashland to the version Delta Sep was selling.

I’ve seen CAD drawing for 300gal units and their associated filters.

So yeah, they’re out there…


Were did u see the 300 gal specs? i was thinking a few 500 gal washers then have multiple trash can set ups to catch the wash im sending my whole crop to extraction so im realy trying to dial this in half live res half live rosin.

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Signed an nda to see CAD in Ashland about a year or 14months ago. They had a sweet 55 or 75gal setup that looked better than what Delta was offering at the time. The name escapes me, and I didn’t find them in the five min I dedicated to that just now. It’s stored, but retrieval is billable at this point :slight_smile:

They had space & tooling and most of the funds to take on their 300gal setup. They had plans for bigger. It looked viable from an engineering standpoint. It wasnt the CO2 extraction rig the investor sent me to check out. Nothing earth shattering design wise.

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How much was it?

Don’t recall that being discussed. Looks like $350-500k build if you don’t have to learn too many things the expensive way.

Or $150k if you know what you’re doing and where to source the stuff you can’t build. Lot of SS and tig


Whistler Tech in BC have one, 250k+


O geez thats way outa my budget i think im gana send some specs of the bubble magic machine to china and have them make me a super size one or convert a 1000 gallon water tank into a giant washer with multiple aggitators theres gota be a cheaper way to do this we used to run 3 bubble magucs and 5 20 gal trash can setups pumping out bubble once we used a 300 gal stock tank mixed with multiple drills with cement mixers into multiple trash cans im just trying to find a safer more efficient way to process 2 acres of canopy from our rec farm like i said we are going atrait to extraction feild wirkers cutti g assembly line bucking then into socks for cls into freezer and some strait into the washers for bubble but wondering should i freeze before washing for bubble or not?

The machine you are talking about (the bubblenow 20 gal) is made by Heifai china, they are on Alibaba if you want to check them. Those machines get nasty pretty quick, the only complain that I have, I have 7 of them in a cold room, it get the job done, but I clean them all the time with iso and I am really looking for something in stainless steal now. I wash (whole plants)120+ pounds in less than a week last year.

Going for the triple this year.


Are you running fresh material or dry?

Both ! I rent a refrigerated truck last year. Cut and freez it right away, it work very well. I dry one strain, and run the rest fresh frozen.

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So u recomomend freezing before spinning into bubble?

Of course !

Way better, you will lose a shit ton of your yield if you process it right away. You need to freez it for at least 48-72 hours or you can buy a SuperFreezer (expensive). The key when you run fresh frozen is to preserve the trichomes (and the terpenes).

Fresh frozen bubblehash will give you AAAA rosin almost 99% of the time. You can have the same result with a cured product but it is way more trouble at the end of the day.

I am freezing everything this year, run freshfrozen, and press into hash rosin.


Thats whats up i am planning to do the same. Im jist trying to dial in a efficient way to process all of it worste case i just go old school and acale up im thinking a 1000 gallon water tank with an industrial size aggitator with spout on the bottom going into trash cans but was hoping there was a more realistic priced thing to use i would never pay 200k for any bubble hash maker it just seems counter productive when u can get 10 bubble magics for 2k that does 400 gallons at a time even if i had to pay a guy 15 a hour around the clock cleaning them it still doesnt compare.

I gurss next step is to buy a indstrial sized ice maker

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I wash in a 400 gallons tank before back in a days to save time, it make hash, but not good hash. Not worth the trouble.

I think in 2019, the key is to make the best hash possible (I dont know if you are looking for yield or quality, I am going for quality over quantity). The less agitation, the better the hash, the machine are good coz they dont agitate too much.

The first thing you want to buy is a Harvest Right Freezdryer :wink:

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Quality for sure now that im lookin over whistler techs ig im thinking i got a stainless guy i am going to ask about making a 1000 gallon stainless with a slow spin agitator the actual coat for the steel is not that much i cant believe peopme are trying to tax pot growers so much that machine probly cost 10k -15k to build.


Yup, they are overpriced like everything related to cannabis lol If you questions about the process or everything, just ask, I make bubblehash since 01’. I try it all lol


U think the bubble magic machines the just turn the water work better than actual aggitators?

Yup 100%. For exemple, in the winter, I run more than 100.000 watts (of product) every 45 days (or so) with the bubblemagic machine, I have 7 of them next to each others, the best I found so far.

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