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@LabNoob here, I have been tasked with setting up a lab here in FL; everything has been going great up until I got to putting 2 rotovaps and a reactor together. The individual I am working for bought some used equipment and there are missing parts. As far as the rotos go, i am about 80% done with the build. They both originate from Schools & Tools. ( I’ve called multiple times, no answer now) I’m missing 2 evaporation flask caps (147mm ID) and one bump trap cap. Both need seals and positioners. As for the reactor i am needing to repalce the stir shaft bearing. I’ve contacted various places like labsociety, usalabs, across international, etc. they haven’t been too helpful other than recommending me buying new equipment. I’ll post some picture shortly. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Pictures will be your best bet for us to be able to help.

Whats your background, i would hope you arent trying to do all this on your own if you do not have experience playing with solvents. Looking for a qualified consultant would be a good choice if you wanna start this process smoothly.


What I’d do is try to find the manufacturer of the equipment and go direct to them for a manual and parts. You might have to buy the manual. The parts might be had cheaper elsewhere. But, the service behind that will be worth it.

In general, frankensteining equipment becomes a sunk cost quickly. It sounds like you might need some consultation.


He tried with no such luck. they are most likely a reseller of chinese parts anyways.

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@thesk8nmidget I feel pretty confident when it comes to the production of D8 and D9. I’m just having issues making the owner understand he needs to buy new equipment. He’s has these rotos he bought from a lab that shut down in TN and they stuffed him pretty bad. I can’t get it through his head that all the money he believes he saved is now coming back to cost him time and profit.


@Listen_Up_Sonny I have my previous Director coming out here in a week or so to fine tune everything, but I’m on my own until then.

Im to the point where I feel like bailing on the project. I told him multiple times I can run a lab, building one is another story.

We had another consultant here a few weeks ago, but the current owner felt she was ‘milking it’. I made him aware this isn’t as simple as A to B.

Whatcha gonna do… you can lead a horse to water… am I right? :man_facepalming:


You could tell the owner to kick rocks. or have him give me a call and i’ll walk him through the reality of the situation. I’d bet at this rate he wont make it to operational before he runs out of money.


@thesk8nmidget I think you’re right. I already got a dose of 220V last week. Did not feel good to say the least.

I feel like he’s cutting too many corners.

The more I talk about it, the more I feel like I might have bit off a bit more than I could chew.

PM or DM me your number and I’ll pass it on. I’m gonna ride it out until Friday. ( aka payday) and I’m out.

I really do want to continue in this field but it might not be the right time. :frowning:

It is what it is. At least I gave it my best.


Those rotos, depending on how old are such a pain to find that seal. They might not even be a company anymore, i ended up having some made because i took months to get in contact with china and it was always “we’ll include it for discount on next orders”


Well it’s a re500. I had a re501. Never heard of the 500 but assume it’s the older model.
I’d find any seller on alibaba that sells the re501 and go from there. Send them specs

A new re501 was like 500 shipped (2018)


How much did he pay for the equipment?

That’s a tough situation.

I’m sure this is a big opportunity for you and you really want to make it work. I’d be honest with yourself whether or not you think this new place has the mindset, the follow through, and the money to get off the ground. I’d ask myself whether or not they are going to allow you to do the things you want to make a safe work space in which you feel comfortable working in. Those of the non negotiables.

I hope it works out for you. We have an old still that someone thought was a bargain. It’s sitting in storage. due to lack of seals, etc.

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@Concentrated_humbold I was running into similar problems trying to find a Chinese manufacturer.

@Slabby I can definitely ask today.

Great info, I’ll look into it. I really wanted this to work out, but you can’t get blood from a stone.

I’ll keep y’all posted. I’ll also upload a few more pics so you can get an idea of what I’m working with.

That and the vapor tube was a pain, once i found someone who could replace them i just loaded up. There all pretty similar so it might be easier now, mg experience was many yrs ago when there was only a handful of companies and most would ignore you if they knew what it was being used for

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I think the neck of that 500 is the same as the 501. Some parts pieces are interchangeable. If you want to get this.going for realz measure out your glass and cross reference the part sizes and go from there. I’ve made chicken salad out of chicken shit a few times. Doesn’t always taste the best, but with the right cracker no one can tell the difference.


You got me scratching me head as to where the cracker fits into the chicken shit salad…

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Its in the salad you are so good at tossing. Come on @Pupparoo

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