Lab Opportunities in New England

I apologize if this is not allowed as I am trying to still get used to the guidelines and rules of this but have been quietly reading all I can. Have recently gone out West to learn distillation, isolate, and other cannabinoid chemistry SOPs and loved it. However, now that I am back in New England I am not finding any opportunities. I have interviewed and gotten offers from labs for analysis such as MCR or RI Analytics but am wondering if there is more in New England? Have contacted local hemp farmers or any friends who would point me in the right direction but have not had luck yet. Does anyone here know of any labs in the RI, Mass, CT, or surrounding areas that are doing CBD distillation or lab work that includes more than analysis? Might be too early in the movement and that is all that is around but wanted to reach out here to see as I eventually am trying to do R&D with cannabinoids to find new medicines but know I have to start somewhere so am looking for a good place. Any opportunities or directions pointed are greatly appreciated! Thanks to all.


Pick a state and see what you find. It’s a few months outdated… V2 will be coming up soon.


@onedabbitch you’re up there right? Anybody need help?


Appreciate the help yes was in contact with her for a few calls will have to reach back out. Appreciate that!


im based here in NE. you wont find a ton of CBD labs. the majority of the cannabis related work here is in regards to the state medical marijuana programs. its a very ‘corporate cannabis’ atmosphere.

CT for example - there are only 4 processors in the medical marijuana program, and two state approved analytical labs. pretty slim pickings.


I’m currently setting up a lab in Maine that should be operational by about April. Hydrocarbon/distillation. Happy to accept resumes any time.


Whereabouts @NorCal?

About 40 min from Portland

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DM’ed! Thanks for the link @ky_cbd

Long story short - yes the industry is really green out here. We have analytical labs that are doing some interesting industry focused research but its all out of pocket for these private companies. Other than that tissue culture is just getting on in Maine while in Ma its currently banned under our regulations. Happy to answer any other specific questions. However my 2 cents would be to work for a place like MCR Labs, get your bearings and industry experience and hop to another position more suited from there. The networking opportunities and facetime with many different industry players as a lab rep can be really great. You’re basically switzerland and stay out of the drama…mostly anyways.


Hello NorCal,
wondering what direction that 40 minutes would be. Im currently in the growing(tiered LED) and processing(hydrocarbon & rosin) business in Portland, Oregon but will be relocating to the Boothbay area in the near future. If you or anybody you know in the industry are looking for reliable and passionate team member I would be very grateful for your assistance in my search.
I look forward to speaking with you about any opportunities.
Regards, Larry

Hello NorCal,
Reaching out in an effort to get your contact information. As stated before I’m relocating to Maine and would love the opportunity to send you my resume.
Regards, Phelicks

Can you shoot me your resume again? I may have a friend who needs a grower, I don’t see my outfit having another position open for a few months. Thanks!

Hey @Phelicks welcome to Maine best of luck with everything!

Main has good wax :ok_hand: .I do hope for a position here in extraction I may fit here in NY albany area. something to get my foot in and learn on a bigger scale.