Lab hacks / tek hacks

Whats up everyone! some lab hacks we are doing here to save some money. Hope this helps some users and extractors and hopefully some add to this. bless

instead of armor bed bath and beads, we are using a food warmer with 3 6in dishes for separation inside those dishes are tumbling beads (stainless steel) for jewelry & tire balancing beads (tempered glass). - only negative you have to keep adding water but works great. all under $750 vs $2700 from lab armor.

to prevent clogs/backflows on bho cured material columns, we dont get tanks extremely cold (-10:-40) and use a coffee filter at the bottom of our socks.

To prevent clogs on crc, we vac down from bottom of crc column to -30psi, pack crc down flat. (our method - w2 @ bottom, AA atop, We play with % based off the biomass presented) we presoak with solvent then flush out, then run our system as normal. We double clean our bizzy coins/disc with ethanol in sonicator then toss in sonicator w solution.

We linked 3 ovens to one vacuum using an air hose splitter, make sure to use Teflon tape for a air tight seal.

Links below

[Tumbling Beads link:] 2lbs for 15$ (

Balancing Beads: 17.5lbs for $86 on amazon rn

food warmer: $70

Air hose / Vac Splitter:

sonicator: small but cleans well

Swagelock quick connect orings 1 :

Swagelock quick connect orings 2:

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Someone else mentioned this cbd isolate hack in another thread.

When performing isolation. Once solvent has heated up with crude/dewax and come back down to room temp. Instead of putting in fridge/freezer to crash out the CBD crystals leave in reactor.

I leave it in reactor stirring and then apply a vacuum. Crashes out super quick when vacuum gets going. Nice white tiny sand grain size crystals. Super easy to wash re-melt and degass.

Minimal handling and exposure to solvents. Maximum happiness

I thought the point of having beads was so you did not have to deal with the water evaporation. Why have beads at all if thats still an issue? Just use a water bath


jars don’t get wet. Or float/tip over. contents are easier to recover if the jar breaks.

Mind you, ditching the water entirely is also useful

As are many of the other gems over in Tricks of the trade