Lab Flask Length PTFE Stoppers With Extraction Nut 24/40 Joint


looks like a useful toy.
you selling them, or just trying to make folks jealous?

[how about a link?]

lol def jealous of that $3.25 piece from ebay


@david if you’re selling these (and other adapters) how about you state that explicitly?

we have a vendors section, and appreciate vendors that stop by and let us know what they’ve got.

JUST posting pictures, with zero additional information doesn’t do you or us any good. so tell us more about what you’ve got going on, and why you dropped by…

eg: willing to bet that your company name is not “david”.

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i am a factory from china , i supply lab glassware and ptfe custom. maybe pls told me ,How can I publish my product in the vendors section?thanks!

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look up top.
you ARE in the vendors section :slight_smile:

make another post, in the vendors section, and tell us what you can make, and how we can obtain your wares.

i will try , thanks!

What size thread is that?

I would guess 3/4", is there a hole in that?

which products do u talk about?thanks!

The one in the picture?

ptfe stopper yes it is a hole.and 24/40 and we also have 34/45

I will vouch for David on the stoppers these are kf25to24/40, took a chance and got them in 8 days very nicely made at a very decent price


What is bis company, theres so many oeople re selling on here with out factory direct pricing. I would love to see what else he has rhe two things ive seen so far i like.


Not sure of his company. But I saw it on here , hit him up and he sent invoice to PayPal, I got package from a fello named Wang


from my recollection @david partners with a Teflon machinist who has a shop across the street from him.

I like the things youve shown you eanna dm me ill give you my email so i can get a catalog and see what other cool things you have to offer. What company do tou represent

Can I have a product catalog also? Thanks

There is no catalogue in our factory. We can make any glassware and PTFE.

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There is no catalogue in our factory. We can make any glassware and PTFE.