Hey what’s up! Im new here but am researching at home kratom extraction methods and wanted to ask if you still think Shulgin’s is your preferred tek? Or if you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!

No for purity althou in lower yields
Salting is the rabbit hole you need to go in

Do you happen to have a link you could share? bare in mind I don’t have a rotovap or Soxhlet glassware… Much appreciation!!!

Ah well without proper equipment and access to reagents it s hard and honestly I have never found a paper about it

Well, I appreciate ya anyway buddy. I’m just a guy with a pile of mediocre leaf that decided it would be fun to learn about, and hopefully turn it into a respectable extract. I don’t have any grand monetization ideas or the like, but I would like to make something a little more refined than an ethanol redux. I’ve probably found six or seven version of essentially the same a/b tek that all have some variation of the organic solvent used. Most of those finding are fairly dated and I’m sure there has been some headway on a more standardized or considered to be most effective means to this end.

Anyway, I will continue my search.

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