Kratom extraction

I found this tek for making a very pure extract heavenlypursuit's Kratom A/B extraction tek pictorial - Other Psychoactives - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

That tek seems really good but the effects they said they experienced don’t seem as strong as it should be for that concentrated of an extract so I’m thinking they degraded the alkaloids somewhere throughout the process. maybe too high ph or too high temp/too low ph during the initial boil. Y’all have a lot more knowledge of A/B extraction than i do so any input would be appreciated. Here’s a pretty in depth list of alkaloids in kratom

I haven’t seen an in depth tek using proper equipment and i have the equipment to do it and a kilo of kratom so I’m trying to come up with a good game plan before I attempt it


@Roguelab I was reading that thread on kratom extraction and saw you trying out some initial extractions. You have any luck?

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Yes one can achieve crystelization of mytrigine fairly simple
And cleaning up the extract go s pretty well
With bentonites and water washing magsil I do not recomend and the yields are horrible compared to canna
The oxidation of. Mitrygine to 7 hydroxy also go s easy with some uv and oxigen
There is no testing available for kratom over here so that s to bad for having numbers of concentration for you but I think having crystals I got mid 90 purity


Badass. So should i do an A/B extraction then LLE with toluene then run that through b80? Or do the initial extraction with ethanol then dissolve that in toluene and run it through b80? Or something else? I’ve read a lot of different methods

i’ve been tinkering with an acetic acid/ethanol extraction but i have problems getting it completely dry. i’ve gotten previous batches tested and i got around 5% total alkaloids, where my leaf tests around 2%. not sure if thats a good yield or not for such a simple tek, if i was using HCl i could get a much purer yield i think.

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The most inportant step in my opinion is de fatting/waxing your biomass prior to any a/b extraction I did this with hexane at room temp
Or with dcm at room temp
Once dry I would do my a/b extraction


Any b80 pass I did in a non polar solvent like
Pentane or hexane or touleen

I see you are around kratom juweler :wink:
@CollectiveObjective hope all is well


Teheeheehe! All as well as it can be here in my lil universe.
You or any sources you know with fresh/wet kratom leaf?
I noticed on Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia on Kratom showed one of the farmers quickly chewing a leaf and spitting it out, claiming that was all he needed to get an energetic effect.
This has me all kinds of curious about how some of these compounds may exist in fresh leaf, and wondering if a fresh leaf cold LPG extraction would be any different.

Gonna be back in the lab here by end of this month, gonna finally keep my dewax cut and see what kinds of bioactives are in that, maybe those are whats been missing from the alkaloid extracts and isolates ive bioassay’d.


Yeah I also still have the hexane washes saved to winterize and see what’s in there


Love the Kratom talk here. I’m a Copacker and extract Raw Alks into a cap and Tincture in a non-ethanol or CO2 method using no solvent and all organic materials, if any needs that?


is it souble?

Can i defat/dewax with heptane or naptha then pass through b80 with heptane or naptha?

Following this


No the departing wash supposedly has very little inside
The deflated biomass will after beeing dried
Treated with freezing to lasergeleide celwall
And the a/b extraction to get the goodies out

O yea i meant can i do the initial defat/dewax with heptane or naptha instead of hexane or DCM like you said then dry the material, lyse in a freezer, then A/B then do the LLE with heptane or naptha instead of hexane/toluene and pass that through b80. Pretty much just asking if i can use heptane or naptha instead of the solvents you said because i have easy access to those.

I know it’s hard to get all the residual heptane out but i can just evaporate most of the heptane then dissolve it in ethanol and evap the ethanol because they codistill

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Sure all solvents will do the dewaxing trick
Yust rinse quick better an Alkane then a alcohol

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Badass thanks for all the help bro

There’s a guy who runs Caleb’s Concentrates and he makes some terrific extract. Super nice guy - maybe he’d share some tek if you reached out.

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Found him on insta I’ll hit him up. I saw some kratom capsules he posted but he makes extract too?