Kingreat new style extractor, BB-15

We added a minimal model to the original BB series—BB-15.

For more information, please leave a message.

Whatsapp:+86 13773220270

Do u gotta spin it urself?
Wheres the motor in the video u posted?

Bicycle powered


This is a direct drive motor, see picture.
Low failure rate, reduce the loss of kinetic energy, higher efficiency…etc

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The video is not a complete machine. We will install and complete all the parts before shipment. It’s just a share :flushed:

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Fraud post. Watch it guys. Prob selling defective shit that’s been sitting for months.

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So…the plate shop can plate stuff. They nickle plated a dragon fly we found under an old gear hobb when they scrapped the machine. Its pretty neat. The metallurgical shop has a gold plated fly to look at with their electron microscope. Its pretty cool.

You could plate a skull…


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Explosion Proof?

Yes, you can choose the explosion-proof or not, depending on your needs,usually equipped with explosion-proof

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