KDL-5 for Sale

We currently have a KDL-5 for Sale. Specs are as follows:

KDL-5 Complete system
includes the following:

500ml hot oil heated jacketed feed flask*

Jacketed glass still body

Internal & External glass condenser

Digital temperature controller for feed flask with automatic tuning of proportional band, integral time and derivative time parameters. Setpoint and process displays (maximum output rating: 110V/ 10A

Manual bleed valve assembly for controlling and venting vacuum. Includes mounting on vacuum pump. For mechanical rotary vane vacuum pump system for feed flask.

Mechanical rotary vane vacuum pump system for feed flask, with fittings for attachment to feed flask; 5 CFM free air displacement (mechanical pump). Includes oil mist eliminator and vacuum tubing. 3/4 HP, 110V/7A

Hot oil thermal circulating transfer unit. These circulators maintain temperatures from ambient 15°C to 280°C, for jacketed glass still body. 110V/15A

Hot oil thermal circulating transfer unit. These circulators maintain temperatures from ambient 15°C to 280°C, for jacketed feed flask. 110V/15A

2L receiver flasks*

Stainless Steel Lab Jack Scissor Stand Platform

Variable speed motor 1-500rpm 110V/ 5A

Stainless steel roller assembly with Teflon rollers

Glass dry Ice trap (standard glass Dewar)

Diffusion pump assembly with rotary vane vacuum pump, 2.7 cubic meters per hour

Circulator features a large work area, enabling high throughput and workflow efficiency, with temperatures ranging from ambient to 0˚C-100˚C and 5L maximum bath volume. For Internal Condenser, Brand: Brinkmen/ Neflab/ or OEM Advanced (Own Equipment Manufacture)

Self- supporting still stand, polished steel

Thermal oil for jacketed still body

Complete unit operation training

Contact for more information.

When you say the device is a KDL-5, what exactly do you mean?

In the past you’ve stated you had Pope’s forsale, but they were not in fact made by Pope.

My understanding is that KDL-x is Chemtech’s product name (for the evaporator only?) and that Chemtech has partnered to with Helderpad to bring some of their smaller units to the cannabis industry.

If your unit does not contain Chemtech’s evaporator, you once again appear to be using someone else’s product name in an inappropriate manner…perhaps you could clarify?

Edit: I did a little more digging. I initially had the relationship between Chemtech & Helderpad reversed.



My bad. @DrJosh PM’ed with details…

If you look real close you can see that it is CTS labeled glassware…

…and the “Popes” look legit as well.t

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What are you asking for it

Hi, is this still available ? Or do you have anything larger, like a kdt 6?