Just had a very interesting conversation with one of the sick kids....

So I had the opportunity to chat with one of the guys that was almost another headline. Put in a coma, tubes, the whole deal. Anyway here’s what I found out.

Same packaging as always, or looked it almost exact anyway. It was a heavy hitter (potent) and they consumed about a half gram over 5 days. Color was light orange, had terpy smell, but tasted off.

So I’m guessing it was not significantly cut, due to it being potent. But the slight taste being off was making me wonder. Their source didn’t change. Cart can’t be tested, as it was thrown away in panic. Asked if it smelled or tasted rubbery, band aids, or hospital by chance they said “yes. Exactly like a hospital”

I’ve had dist taste like that a few times, but only when there was isomeration with CBD to d8/9. I’m wondering if someone didn’t do proper workup after isomeration? Have any of you smelled hospital smelling dist or terps?

Guys got no diagnosis yet, they sent blood off to be tested.


What exactly would proper workup be?


Lol it’s not my reaction, how would I know?

Are we suggesting there might be a toxic byproduct or left over reagent?

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D8/d9 isomerized disty doesnt tastes like plastic or hospitals when terps are added.

The d8 is distilled after reflux, or you do the isomerization during the distillation, and your final distillate is nice and clean. The distillation is the final workup.

Extra potent and tastes like hospitals sounds like some synthetic cannabinoids to me.


I have consumed significant amounts of distilled D8 in the past months- converted from a first pass hemp derived CBD distillate, no workup aside from the distillation itself- virtually tasteless- and I am happy as a clam and quite healthy.


There’s a lot of variables with your statement though. Where’s the line between terps added and still tastes like hospital? You may distill it it do it your way but they might use strong acids. If your going to investigate Don’t think how you do it. Think how anyone with Google and the info on this site can do it too


@anon93688 any thoughts?

What I meant is that any clean distillate has a neutral/slightly acrid smell (irritating) when combusted.

I suppose any acid can be used but that doesn’t mean the conjugate base will show up in the final product. But there could be some depending on the bp of said acid.

There are a lot of potential variables. naturally, people are retarded so I’m sure someone is using some random acidic proton sources to lower their pH. I don’t know why you would though when there are so many simple straightforward options that get the job done.

What did the kids lung tissue samples look like?

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This is exactly what I was talking to someone else about. You’ve got people that weren’t properly trained on how to run chemical reactions. Who knows what people are leaving behind.

Run CBD to d8 with tosic acid? Guess what after acid base chemistry you need to remove the conjugate base by filtering before you can distill.

Run CBD to d9? You need to remove any solids you put in there prior to refluxing.

Everyone thinks they are “chemists” but they need to talk to one about designing experiments. I spoke with someone who reacted CBD with methanol and light to make 2,6-dimethoxyCBD. He put in isolate and his total cannabinoids came back down 7%. I asked him what that 7% is and he didn’t care.

THIS is what’s wrong with the industry. People doing sketchy things.

Also just because someone is a chemist, that doesn’t meant anything. There are 5 main types of chemists. Only two of those types are trained to competently run reactions, since their entire background is running hundreds of reactions. You should ask when you meet them.

Edit: added info


Ok, so… I’m no chemist. Quite new to the concentrate game. I’m a bit concerned but I had this idea that I wanted to make my own CBD cart, for personal use. I mixed distillate with CBD isolate powder in a low oven and cut it with Liquefy terps from Masster Penes (aka Mass Terpenes). Basically… am I gon die?!

Yes. We are all going to die.


The problem is the educated chemists be hiding their shit behind a massive paywall. Every single one of the “real”chemists here greentax till its only larger groups that can afford their services.

Go look at all the isomerization threads and tell me exactly which “real” chemists gave input/assistance.

Go around pointing your finger but check those other three fam. Its why i knifehand


Thank you.

Also I have to mention I’ve also been in the vaping industry for almost 10 years with 4 labs just for vape juice. The biggest biggest problem I’m seeing is the ignorant and incorrect stance on using propylene glycol and glycerin in the cannabis industry.
So then everyone is running to different methods and then everyone has to do the fucking Dutch rudder with themselves when the new terp company comes out, and is OKAY with mystery goo being heated and vaporized.

While there’s no studies and no ingredients disclosed.
Seriously. People in here are supposed to be smart and educated.

So there’s a chance here to actually do something. If we can stop measuring Dick’s for 2 seconds,I have a question that might actually help people here.

Has anyone else smelled this hospital smell and if so, in what setting?

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I watched breaking bad my bro. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to be a chemist as soon as I stay in a Holliday inn. What else is there to learn.


The best Chemginers that i know all started playing with drums first and got education after.


Chemgineer… I like that.

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All I sell is d8, never had anyone complain about anything of this sort.

If there were toxic isomerization byproducts I’m sure at least one of my clients would have had some health issues over the past couple years of me doing seshes and no one has ever had 1 complaint.

Note : I’ve always used t41 or t5 for the reaction


Most ppl dont make d8 like this though.

They use t5 or t41 in the flask

When you gave that consult on d8 and made rosé you used t41 didnt you?

Exactly my point

Most ppl arent going to do that complicated reaction when you can throw t5 or t41 in the flask and get a 70% conversion

I bet ppl arent packing their heads and getting t41 / t5 in there end product.


I bet your wrong, distillation is the best way for legit and professional companies to do it. I don’t think that IF it has something to with this they did it that way. Search isomeration in the search field and here’s what pops up as a top result

That’s why I made the statement don’t think about how you and I would do it, but what tools and info do black market or fly by night have?