Just bought a mkIII am i missing anything???? (NEWBIE)


just purchased a mk III diy kit and also the upgrade kit to a 900 gram spool instead of getting a 6x12 base that was included with the upgrade kit i opt out for a shatter platter.
So i will have a mk III with a 3x36 column and 6x6 base with a 6x2 shatter platter does that sound doable???
Im new to all this cls stuff so i just want to make sure i didnt screw up on anything.

some other things i purchased along with this set

some end clamp and hinges for packing the column
30 lb recovery tank - flameking
refrigerant scale
25 lb 70/30 tane from oss
5cfm 2 stage pump
3.5cfm 1 stage pump
1.9 cfm hfs oven 12 rack

my diy kit comes with a hp column so i will have two column i would love to do two runs before i do my initial poor out of my column i told my good friend whos kinda mentoring me thru this experience that i want to do that and he said its not possible

why is it not possible to do 2 runs before i pull the oil out of the column why is my system not capable of that and what kinda system is capable of that?

thank you all in advance

i just wanna get all my shit and get to work i dont wanna forget anything or stuff like that

and i am really curious about this whole coil situation i hear i need a coil but im not sure what kind a i need or if its really necessary please let me know do i need a coil and do you guys have any recommendations i want as fast as recovery times as possible

also im aware i need to go get some ice chest plus some dry ice plus some iso 99

if there is anything im missing please shoot

thanks community i love this place!

butane is stuck please help!

Your base if 6x6 with a 6x2 sounds small for 900g (barely big enough for 3/4lb)

Even 6x12 with a 6x2 splatter platter sounds small for a 3x36” spool. (good enough for about 750g)

Even a 8x12" with a 8x2 platter is just on the brink of being big enough…the optimal collection for that spool is 10x12.


you answered my question before i even said it you reading my mind over here hmmm i also was kinda weary of that after reading about bases here on this site so what size base do you think is needed for a spool that large? it stated on the emarld green site on the diy listing it states that it was capable of handeling a column that was 3x36…

thats where i came up with this idea that i can pull it off


Probably the wrong way to get the specifications of an extractor. That can lead to mistakes above!


ok so i just called told them to cancel the whole opt out thing they are sending me my 6 x 12 that orignally comes with the 3x36 column upgrade. So do you think i should add my 6x6 colum base to my 6x12 base with welded bottom to turn it into a 6x 18 base or it doesnt work that way sorry if i sound stupid im new here >3


if you plan on running 3x36" and 900g. I dont think the 9lbs of gas is sufficient. thats all the 6x18" base will hold. 4.5lbs of gas per lb is ok but i like to run at least 5lbs per lb. Just a personal preference.

Hope you got a good deal…sounds like your gonna be doing a lot of upgrading off the rip.


1400 dollars for a mk III i thought that was a good deal and a upgrade kit the terpenator site has this whole setup at 2200 dollars so i saved 800 dollars to make it myself… i may be over my head a lil but fuck it im gonna send it!


Post some pictures of what you have and we can direct you how to piece it together and test it


@Killa12345 gets a lot of newbs and a lot of questions. He’s the goto guy for cls questions. If you need parts he can do them for very reasonable prices and is of extremely good quality.


ty so much killa you the man i got the spool reduced to a 600 gram unit 3x24 this should work alot better for butane to material ball park that should be more on the range of 6.5 ish lbs of butane per lb of material.

this will be my last post of the day since im new here and im only allowed ten a day but can you guys link me to a post about how to get fastest recovery times because i wanna do like 5 runs a day /night how do i get fastest recovery times

do i need to purchase a coil to make this possible and if so can you guys link me or tell me a good coil for my 600 gram setup ?

thanks again for all you guys do this is awesome cant wait to show you guys what i can do!


@Einstein if you are running passive make sure to get a sous vide. The sous vide speeds it up tremendously. I recover 5-6lbs of 70/30 n-butane/propane in 15-25 mins. With out the sousvide my recovery was 45mins to an hour a half. The other benefit of a sous vide is there is less lifting, pouring, and replacing with hot water.

I recommend Hitting up @Killa12345 if you ever need to up grade your system. His prices are hard to beat and his consultanting is top notch. I experienced a few small head aches when I got my cls but because of killa I had so many less screw ups because I played 20 questions with killa and I felt super comfortable performing my first run. The small hick ups I had killa was able to walk me through my mistakes and help me correct those problems. You won’t get the kind of service you do with killa from one of the bigger companies or the Chinese manufacturers. I have even heard killa doesn’t mind flying out to help as long as you provide housing and plane ticket


3x24 column hold 1lb of material. Dont exspect it to be 600 grams. That number is based off finely ground material, which in my opinion is a huge mistake. The more cuts your material has the more undesirable fats and plant material you will pull. And that produces a darker less stable finished product will be. And will require dewaxing

I like multiple step cooling for coils. I like to have 2 coils in baths to chill my tane. Each coil gets colder. I would also have the tane bottle in a bath.
Instead of dry ice/isopropyl bath i prefer dry ice/acetone bath. That will get your tane alot colder.

The 6x2 platter will hold about 180g of oil and still be able to pour.

Depending on the temp if your tane and how fast it flows through your material. 5:1 is ok. I run very cold and fast. I like 10:1.

I also recommend a molecular sleeve also. Some time coil will freeze without one. It will pull moisture out of your tane. If you are running active i also recommend a wax trap before your pump. This will help in keeping your pump cleaner and you will have less rebuilds.


today i bought 4 6ft hoses a sight glass becuse i didnt relize i needed one oooops and i have been looking at purchasing a recovery pump im not ready to go full in on a 900 dollar unit so i was going to buy a appion i saw one on craigslist guy claims its new out of box

im scared i will get it home and it wont work is there anyhting i can do to check it over prior to buying it ??

also im looking into a rack on oss also going to get my coil from them too!

any comments or direction on what i need is cool

my boy said to get a countertop food warmer instead of a sousvide what are your guys opinions on that also bought a filter

am i missing anything?


how much dry ice do you use per run? I am in AK too and as you know dry ice aint cheap up here !


Here in MA 15 LBS is like 23$


Depends on the amount. Under 150 its 2.00$+ per lb. Over 150 it can be obtained at 1.50$ per lb. With taxes its $230.00 per 150 lbs


my column does not have dewax column so im not going to be needing dry ice to start off with later i will upgrade but right now i just want to start with the basics of a active system …

also bought a rack from terpsite my boy said he dropped his rig once in action and he ended up screwing the coulmn up and it was all sideways so he just started fixing it and ended up costing him like 4 k he said the rack would save me years on stress factor of my life