Jungle tek - a little help improving my extracts


Hello guys, pleasure to participate this forum, hopefully one day I’ll help as many people as I have learned from you just reading. Thanks to you, I was able to produce a vapeable concentrate from hash.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to anything other than hash where I live, so that limits a bit the tek I use, and is the reason I opened the thread, I can’t improve my oil any further.

Back to what I’m doing, I’m limited to what I have access / can afford to produce my medicine. Here’s a list.

  • hot plate with magnetic stirrer
  • Büchner filter with 0.22 micron disk, since I can’t rely on the hash production I want to make sure nothing passes thru (although it does happen with water soluble)
  • natural bentonite (food grade pH 9),
  • Granular AC (aquarium grade)
  • Mgso4 (unused
  • citric acid (used once, no difference observed)
  • 190 proof ethanol (it’s cheap here and I don’t run large amounts in a way it would be worth it, so I don’t own a vacuum oven, not can afford one)
  • small vac pump (takes 20 minutes to filter 500ml)

Important to mention that I chose to avoid things that could kill me or blow things up, I’m not a professional after all.

Notes, limitations and issues:

  • I use a freezer that peaks - 30c, I cool the eth and hash overnight before extracting

  • my bentonite works fine as filter, no carbon powder passes thru the cake.

  • the color is very dark, almost black, but vapes fine, no noticeable burn residues. The taste is acceptable, not like clear carts tho. Since the material is very expensive here I don’t get to play a lot with it, so I dillute it in 1:20 eth and filter / scrub at that concentration, I was afraid I would lose too much yield by filtering a less concentrated solution.

  • I have tried 15m ac and bentonite scrubs at 60c, no notable difference, considering the final product is dark, it does have decent impact on the solution before evaping the ethanol tho, not sure how it loses translucency like that.

  • I don’t decarb on purpose, considering I don’t have the right equipment, id probably end up with too much CBN if I did (correct me if I’m wrong), and the vape pens reach enough temps to burn thca.

  • I’m too stupid to understand in which conditions d9 would isomerize, and if it only occurs from d9 and not thca. Either way, not too worried, unless I get CBN, which effects I hate.

Points I’d like info on:

  1. Find the best evaporation technique that doesn’t rely on expensive machinery (again, can’t afford a roto or vac oven)

  2. Improve translucency (note, I don’t care about the color itself, dark amber is just fine), I think I have the material to achieve that, probably just doing it wrong.

  3. Find a way to get rid of some water solubles. I always get a little bit of yellowish water left when burning the ethanol off, when that happens I add a bit of distilled water to avoid getting the solubles into the oil and mechanically separate them, followed by 5 minutes under 100c. Does adding water to etho prior to evaporation help any further?

  4. Improve yield (less than 30% currently, although the hash isn’t bad at all)

  5. Should I rosin press instead whatever this is? Haha

As I’m stupid about this, I’m not totally clear on what information I should be providing to get help, so please feel free to ask. Finally, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so feel free to send me reading if you have to. English isn’t my mother language, so I could have missed something here while studying the already available content.

Thanks in advance!

Ps: I’ll start taking some pictures from now and share as I go, eventually to be available as valuable information to other people with the same limitations as me.

Sorry if I broke any rules, I tried not to.


Right on!!!

Asking questions the right way, and in the right place…

At a glance (from my phone), you do seem to have almost all the bits you need…

Start here: TheLostBiologist Bucket and Post Processing Tek for Golden Extract

Edit: second reading suggests you’ve already done the majority of your homework. @Krative might be able to suggest an appropriate secondary solvent. 30% yield from hash is probably indicative of the starting material not your technique…


In my earlier days I set up a distillation apparatus to remove my solvents, but this never heated evenly and usually ended up with some unwanted isomerization. You can get a vac oven with pump for ~6-700 or a rotovap for ~1000-1200. A rotovap would definitely be the way to go in the long run, but a vac oven may work temporarily.

I’d recommend, since you’re starting from hash:

  • Mix ethanol and hash at room temp
  • Place in freezer for 24 hours (if you have access to dry ice, then having the last 6-12 hours on dry ice would do you wonders)
  • prepare your buchner with a layer of Bentonite on top (t-5 works best, what you have should suffice though. Just be sure to pack it in on top of the buchner, about 0.5-1 inch thick), place buchner in freezer for 24 hours
  • take buchner and ethanol hash mixture out of the freezer and as quickly as possible to avoid warming, filter ethanol hash mixture over buchner (if you can, perform filtration in the freezer itself)
  • remove solvent
  • if you still wish to clean up the extract, you can dissolve it in Heptane 5:1 at room temp, place in freezer for a couple hours before filtering over a freshly prepared buchner, this time topped with a thin layer of AC

give that a try and let me know how it turns out!


They sell 1 gallon to 3 gallon vacumn chambers that come with a pump for $100 to $150 on ebay if thats an option for ya.


An aluminum oxide cake on top of a celite 545 cake in your buchner funnel will aide in further winterizing help. AO is great for winterizing, as it traps the nasties while filtering


Thank you all for pointing me in the clearer direction, I’ll study all the info and post a feedback soon!

I’m considering trying new filter aids like alumin oxide, specially if the compound is naturally found, like my natural bentonite (which seems to be deactivating my AC). In other words it’s not easy to find branded products here, those more natural tend to be abundant and cheap, so I want to to that route and still avoid harzardarous solvents (ethanol only)

Other than that I’m considering getting a cheap vaccum chamber, adapted to my mag stirrer (total cost to me would be about 100usd with pump), should work. If it does I’ll try to buy a countertop device that buys me some time before going rotovap. Suggestions?

I’d probably too stubborn to admit it’d been easier do do bho + terp carts, considering I’m stuck at black oil.

Current batch, naturally evaping the ethanol in a large pyrex, should take a week, so I’ll take that time to study and get material if needed for next batch.

Ah, forgot to say what I’m doing this time:
-30 frozen eth + hash (previously frozen), the result is saturated etho with a somewhat clear golden color (picture later).

What’s probably happening next
24 hours later I intend to filter it in a new cake (actual celite 545 is impossible to get, there are rip offs tho) maybe I’ll freeze the cake too before filtering.

Evap the remaining solution in a vacuum chamber

Add 10 to 15% terps and serve in Carts (I have a problem with the base product, it’s too dark and cloudy, although strong)