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Hey future 4200 members. I have an opening for a Extraction apprentice in my legal facility located in Los Angeles near Torrance.$15.00 per hour to start.full time. Candidates must have chemistry experience either from an accredited college or from working in a laboratory for 1+ years. Extraction experience is a plus but not necessary. The right candidate will be trained in extraction,solvent recovery and distillation. in addition to Extraction employee will also perform laboratory work,packaging and more, IF YOU ARE: homophobic,sexist,racist or an asshole please don’t apply. Everyone else… please contact me here or at


This is the great opportunity for the students or for the experienced person having knowledge of chemistry.

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$15 is pretty low for this line of work- ESP Los Angeles… A studio in K-town was like $1475.

Idk how people live in that city.


Is it same for the experienced person.
But someone is gaining different experience.

You sure you r tag isn’t TinyPayExtractor.? Lol! I pay day laborers I get off the street $15/hr.


$15/hr? Not much respect for the college graduate there…

:sweat_smile:"If you are . . . an asshole please don’t apply."
Well if you are an asshole, pelase don’t post at all.


That level of pay is garbage. Gtfo with that exploitative nonsense


“We know you’re tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a technical degree…so we’re gonna offer you garbage wages so you know we don’t give a fuck about you from your first day of employment.”


:rofl::rofl::sob: can’t even pay 25 for a graduate huh?


I was offered $17/h at one place in Boulder with a masters degree. If you want to make money with a chemistry degree you are better off learning the process on your own. After you master that, start consulting. My inbox is packed with people wanting synthetic SOPs for minor cannabinoids. People also jammed up my IG inbox too.


The old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here. Unfortunately we have a significant portion of the industry that is burdened with the disease known as greed. They are unable and/or unwillingly to look past their own bank accounts and see how they’re competing for unskilled labor at those levels and labor that can make $15/hr at Home Depot with nowhere near the responsibility required for working in a lab. They fail to acknowledge the tight labor market and the lack of incentive to excel at those wage levels. It’s not just the simplicity of some of the tasks that matters, you’re asking someone to produce thousands of dollars worth of high quality product per day. The opportunities to screw that up are many. As an owner of a lab I see that as a risk more than anything. Pay your people well, treat them as equals and allow them to share in the successes of your company. Take care of them and they will take care of you.



don’t understand how you can ask someone to (hopefully) handle and produce thousands of dollars worth of product every day and only give them $100 or so after taxes to do their work.

It’s a rediculous concept to me that anyone would do that and it’s not like the people being paid these shorty wages are unaware of what is going on- there are a lot of desperately broke people out there and cannabis sounds like a good opportunity- it absolutely is but do we need to be taking advantage of this fact just to save a few GRAMS worth of product per day?

Penny wise and a pound foolish if you ask me.

I want to retain my staff and actually see them prosper- the amount of expense incurred by having to train new staff constantly AND having staff that are dealing with financial stressors that have huge IMPACTS on their job performance. Someone misses a bus because I don’t pay them enough to be able to Uber or own a vehicle, shows up late for work?
it can potentially cost me a massive amount of productivity and $$$ because I have to step in and take over operations! my ability to push the business further in terms of $/hr is now cut to what I was paying my tech… $15- because that’s how much I value the most essential piece of that processing line- the fucking operator.

Imagine Now you’ve spent all this time and money training someone, trying to make the best possible product You can because that’s what this market demands- You invest all this time and save on labor by underpaying your staff- You teach them everything they need to know about how to make quality product… then someone like well- Me- comes thru, I’m a competitor and I am opening a lab down the street and I’ve sent in my little brother to work for you - he’s fresh out of college and has experience in the industry, great references- he works for you for six weeks while I build out my facility and he identifies your quality staff, figure out which ones are most frustrated with their job and for what reasons- and will poach every single one of them and by simply paying them what they are worth.

Don’t leave yourself open by being a terrible employer.


Seriously. 15 an hour? I pay 50 an hour for seasonal harvesters.


Good luck trying it find good help for this price. Lol

You must be new to the industry or a money hungry owner that has little knowledge in the industry

What do you guys think is reasonable to get people with chemistry experience?

At least 25 to start…I got started at 22 as a plumber apprentice…more if experienced


$15/hr is barely a livable wage in LA. That’s about $31k/year before taxes.

That is a wage for an entry level employee with zero experience who starts doing packaging and cleaning the lab, not someone with collegiate level chemistry education or experience with cannabis extraction that is actually running equipment.

You could probably get some young kid with no knowledge who still thinks it’s novel to work in the cannabis industry, even for minimum wage, but you won’t get (or keep) any good, experienced candidates for that wage.

Your last line about various forms of bigotry not being acceptable is the icing on the cake. Thanks for that comic relief.

And not for nothing, your curious usage of periods and commas along with other slight punctuation errors makes me question your overall level of education and by extension, the credibility of this offer.

I’m not sure if we’ll hear anything more from @Tinyextractor3000 after the torching this post is getting, but I would love to hear more about the details of this opportunity that he/she probably should have included in the OP:

  • What is the company name and how long have you been in business?
  • Is this 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift working hours?
  • Any other benefits offered?
  • What is your current production rate and what products are you currently producing? Pics?
  • What equipment do you currently own/operate?
  • The Instagram handle you have listed, Bubbaink, seems to be a T-shirt and sticker company, what’s up with that?

Edit: I agree with Waxplug1, $25/hr or about $52k/year sounds about right to start for an educated/experienced employee running expensive equipment and handling expensive product while living in the LA area.

I also think it will depend on the size and production level of the facility.


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are we moving the roast to instagram?