"Jar-Tech" THCa Diamonds

Hello everyone, I’ve been a member at overgrow for over 20 years.

I came here now because I want to try and make diamonds, will be using Mason jars with release valve, a heat mat and a humidity dome.

Here goes nothing… Actually im just testing pressure and temps right now.

Thanks peeps



Heyyy that looks like a sweet bit of DIY. Not sure what it is though. Super keen to see what you end up with :smiley:


I just put thre masons in there to try and keep thre heat, but it’s only water in the setup right now.

Testing pressure and temps before I actually put some solution in there.

Thanks @lexiiii121



I like the idea but one can’t help but to wonder if there’s a difference between the pressure a hydrocarbon builds during evaporation vs the pressure that builds when water is evaporating?


I only do small batches of diamonds, so I am watching your tek results.

EDIT: Enclosed 'tane vapors?

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I highly suggest you do some reading and use the search bar. I wouldn’t use a jar with a plastic lid. Not sure what that setup you have is but it looks dangerous. You cannot compare pressure from water to hydrocarbons.
I would start here:


Also check this category for all the THCa diamond info:


Thanks everyone, you guys are the reason I came. Nothing like experience.

I would expect butane to be a lot more volatile than water yes, but this was only a temp test to see if the plastic would hold up.

Gotta do some reading now…

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Definitely don’t use plastic. Use ball or kerr mason jars that will seal for you. And plastic has a multitude of issues that you don’t want to use it for a pressure vessel.

Can see they are glass jars, have you added pressure to them?


Ball 16oz jars, and i got the lids i just thought to use the plastic with the ferment lids on, but i see now just to purge them accordingly like everbody else does… LOL

I came here to learn, you can be sure i won\t be using plastic anymore at all… For this at least.

In January, God willing i will be getting me a Diamond miner, this is temp.

I love diamond miners, jars are great, too. Just want to avoid plastics when it comes to terpenes and hydrocarbons, even though the butane shouldn’t effect it, too much. The terpenes will cause the degradation.

I like miners for the fact that I can put in a whole run, vs several jars. I like the control of the miner, as well. I can dictate the saturation point for as long as I like.


Never let your extracts or solvent come in contact with plastics ever


In humbled by your posting peeps, I feel like you’re saving my life…

Will be doing a dab to your health!



That’s the goal buddy. Looks like you’ve already got some beautiful diamonds going!?


These are bought, but at $100 a G, I rather buy me thre gear and start making them myself u know.

But yeah I love them!

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Oh yikes. Are you making your own extracts? If so what’s your process?

Get rid of that temp sensor in there. Solvent + non-explosion proof anything is a nono.


They have the thermo probe style sensors that might be better


Just open blasting with a friend, I know it’s got the mystery oil, but I’m getting a dewax closed loop and diamond miner as a xmas gift to myself.

Again, thanks for all the answers guys. Very cool.


I will be better in January, once I got my closed loop and diamond miner…