It's Willbillytek. Duh

I’m aware it’s used as an insecticide, I’m also aware limonene is used as a degreaser. However if I make a comment like “Smoking degreaser sounds awesome.” I would just be being a putz.



The devil is in the dosage.


Gotta love autocorrect, lol.

The poison is in the dose, and the devil is in the details.


Since you’re so concerned with being ‘accurate’

“The dose makes the poison.”


I thought we were all concerned with being accurate :man_shrugging:

Should probably abandon the consumption of cannabis entirely


I mean, it is in the nightshade family which is generally poisonous. So are tomatoes though. Then again it seems like humans enjoy killing themselves a little bit at a time anyway. Alcohol is a perfect example of that.

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Watching people begin terp spraying their terp producing terp tastic flowers makes for a lot of terps.

It was a terpy terpy day and Santa is on the way.

Anything can be a terp

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Don’t bother buying guaiol online. None of it is really guaiol. It’s all just this really viscous amber-greenish essential oil that doesn’t contain any guaiol whatsoever. Anytime you see a supplier offering natural guaiol you can safely assume they do not test their own materials.

Synthetic technical grade guaiol from sigma might be real but is not safe for consumable products.


Pretty sure that’s because it’s a plant extract. In it’s pure form it’s a white crystalline solid according to this site:


Yeah pretty much what those distributors are offering is guaiacwood essential oil which ranges from amber to green and is extremely thick. The main constituent is valerianol. There are about a hundred different hydrocarbons in it but no guaiol. No one seems to have a clue that what they’re selling as “guaiol” contains anything but guaiol.

So if you’re going to do some R&D, save yourself some trouble and order tech grade synthetic guaiol from Sigma. Otherwise you’re going to have one big mystery soup.


Seems like if you wanted guaiol to be cannabis derived it would be best to find a strain high in it and do a methanol wash.

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Looks like its acidic terpenes crystal that may be ph modulated or not

Then the terpene is clear during the start and turns blue while crystallozing

Guaiol shows up at less than 0.1% in flower so I wouldn’t count on that ever being scalable even with chromatography.

Guaiene on the other hand can occur in higher amounts and often makes up 5-10% of the total terpene content.

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Only problem is guaiene isn’t crystalline. Also, can you site your sources that guaiol absolutely only shows up at less than 0.1%?

This thread is a giant Terpmeme.


Or maybe just avoid concentrating insecticides :person_shrugging:t3:

You can drink a few glasses of water safely. Now go drink 5 gallons.

I don’t really care who does what, just making an observation.

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I’m pretty surprised no one has made a “tastes like Christmas” meme of you, lol.