Issue: Devol above 150C

So I’ve got some material here that refuses to stop bubbling, I’ve ramped my roto bath up to 165 and it’s been running like that for three hours and prior I’ve had about 8 hrs of it at 140-150, everything had been performed under vac.

At first I was guessing maybe residual etoh but by this point there shouldn’t be anything.

I’ve got about 6-8kg in the 50L roto

I would say decarb but 3 hours at 160 should decarb 6kgs in less than 3 hours.

Curiously following along.

was this just extracted crude?

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Just as in today/recently? Cause this is some stuff from a few days ago. Or just as in etoh is removed? Cause there isn’t anything being spit out by the diaphragm pump or collecting in the flask

what are you filling your bath with that can run that hot?

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Heat transfer fluid aka oil

got it, you don’t have an issues with the oil making your glassware unwieldy?

Nope, I rarely take the ball off anyways. I suck it out


I feel like maybe the 60rpm is what’s causing my time to be lengthened so much… perhaps. This is why I need to order domes or fab some cheap shit out of tin…

But I dunno, I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again I’m sure lol

Heptane seems to stick around at the end due to surface tension


No heptane. Food grade etoh was used

Yummy pesticides?

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Hmm… had not considered that

Consider changing vac pump oil. Also I like to use some flush out fluid from usa lab I think is the source

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Diaphragm pump

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It’s prob excess water. It’s taking longer bc the water hold it all back.

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No excess water to my knowledge. Macerated and heavily dried material

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Will this look like steam in the vapor path?

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Yes pretty much.

How often have you ever observed pesticides bubbling like this?

I have not, just a suspicion. Or another oil like neem or something idk really but I do know @BreakingDabs and maybe @spdking are the ones to ask