Isomerization with t-41

does anyone use the t-41 route when it comes to their conversion? my boss wants me to get my SOP down and so far i’ve only converted distillate to d8 and got 70% thc. this is after LLE on the conversion then redistilling

should i use isolate instead of distillate? ( one buddy told me crude is his preferred starting material) is the acidic clay route straight dooty and i need to move over to a pTSA conversion or do any of you all like the t41 method as the acid?

one thing i do know is cleaning your SPD after a conversion is not fun. I even pack the head with stainless steel wool to prevent nasties from climbing up. still quite the chore.

anyways long post short… whats your experience with converting with clay ? any good results? thanks in advance lovely Futurians

gonna try with a smaller percentage of t-41 today. instead of 10% or 15% im going to go with 5%

5% for the win @MedicineManHempCo
first pass is coming out beautifully. thanks for your advice dude

gonna let her ride until tails then do LLE tomorrow!!


got a few of the samples i sent of to KCA back today. man i know im a rookie and im figuring this whole thing out but boy i feel defeated
SA-230307-17814 Utmost, LLC. D8 - D .pdf (2.0 MB)


You now understand why folks were long convinced there was no clean D8 out there…

Think about the clowns trying to make D8 with zero analytics.



i am back to the drawing board.
going to work up a reaction with isolate, heptane and HCL sometime soon. just gotta order the HCL.

recently read another SOP for the t-41 route if i so choose to try it
it called for 32% t-41 , 2:1 heptane to CBD isolate
reflux for 4 hours at 90c

the most i have ever used was 15% so maybe i’ll give that a shot.
whats funny to me is i get ND on CBD so in theory i have fully converted… just not to my target cannabinoid. its scattered all over the place. so maybe higher percent of acid and longer reflux is where i missed my mark.

i’m still trying to figure all this out so i guess i shouldnt be so hard on myself but damn dude i wanted a good CoA :frowning:

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When you boil cbd and acid one of the other byproducts is olivetol. Probably some percent of your cbd broke down into non-cannabinoids. The highest I’ve ever seen d8 with t41 is in the 70s. The people who had success with t41 probably had inflated testing anyways though. That material could have easily been in the 50s and there’s really no good way to know

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this next batch i make will be worked up with heptane in my 5L glass filter reactor. this will allow me to filter out the clay before distillation. do you believe i would still run the risk of olivetol and or other byproducts if i use this method?

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i’m assuming the d8 iso-thc and the 4,8 iso thc come from co-boiling the clay alongside the isolate? so if i hadnt done that would these cannabinoids just stay as regular delta 8 and i would have got over 70% D8?

Does hcl not run the risk of chlorinated byproducts?

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my assumption is any conversion or “synthetic isomerization” can have a slurry of byproducts. this is why LLE and proper clean up is vital.

and i have found co distilling your clay in your flask can lead to funky results in your CoA.

i dont think i had ever heard of delta 4,8-iso-THC before a few weeks ago.

Of all the methodologies for isomerization, I think powders are poorly selective, and just kinda weird.

I’d recommend just using acids. PTSA or phosphoric will do the job just fine.

Read around here for some help. Or DM me and I can provide some SOP/consult


I read that Heptane and pTSA don’t go together. they will make a boom boom or a ploom ploom. …

any info on the validity of this argument?

Show me where you read that.

Are you thinking of TIBA?

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Yeah no bro. pTSA and alkanes are fine. I started with Heptane and moved to hexane for ease of solvent recovery.


one of my coworkers is in college for chemical engineering… he has this program

if you type in heptane and pTSA it says its a no no.

“Hazardous reactivity issues are expected”

Heptane PTSA is like the most common d8 method out there, way cleaner then ghetto powder techs will ever be… way cleaner and easier on equipment then HCL too.

I’ve ran it literally 100s of times throughout the years and I still have all my skin.

Just be cognisant that there is an exotherm associated with isomerization. Ie the reaction will generate heat as excess kinetic energy is converted.

Just make sure you make your PTSA addition slowly, and do the addition when the heptane is at room temperature. NEVER ADD AN ACID INTO A SYSTEM WITH ELEVATED TEMPS. that’s one way you can blow up,
Heptane is a great solvent for this reaction because the BP of heptane is relatively high, it acts as a buffer to absorb the exotherm. If you make an addition at elevated temps that buffer is reduced, and you run the chance of the causing the exotherm to over shoot the BP of the solvent and it causes the system to rapidly boil and create tons of vapor pressure.

Use an inert blanket aswell.

Stay away from t-41 it makes terrible product and no one will want to buy that shit.


@RockSteady thanks dude. i appreciate everyone helping out. it means alot to have a group of wisdom chuckers.

kudos for the spoons fellas.


if my LLE clean up hasn’t removed the slight pink rose hue… and i assume i failed my alkaline beam CBD test, my distillate didnt have a long enough reaction. can i take the partially isomerized distillate and reflux with an acid for an additional supplemental reflux?