ISO d8 infused honey

Who makes the best honey around here?
I have a small background in extraction but almost 0 experience in product formulation. I did see a few SOP’s for making infused honey but for the moment with all things considered I feel most confident with wholesale or white labeling. Located in southeast us
Feel free to send me a message


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I’ve had @ky_cbd 's before and god damn it was so good


Preciate that dude. I’ll happily match anybody else’s price on that. Had no idea I could sell the worlds easiest sku to make for $40/jar


@MillerliteRN has fire infused honey.

In fact my stoned comatose self is gonna crawl out of my cloud and make some biscuits.


I have been infusing honey with distilled CBD mother liquor then mixing that to flavor batches of infused peanut butter. works great, tastes great

I have been on the hunt for some naturally infused honey made by bees that are allowed to pollinate outdoor cannabis / hemp farms. anyone with a lead hit me up!

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Sweet. I sent a message

Good luck with that…

Cannabis is wind pollinated.

Despite (still) being called “pollen” (to deliberately obsfucate) , trichomes were not evolved to hitch rides on bees.

Even if they were, pollen doesn’t make it into the honey (the “nectar” does), and who wants their damn crop pollinated (seeded)?

Perhaps start here: Bee Around Cannabis


the fiber folks do not care…and it turns out bees will harvest pollen from them…

Still a ways from “naturally infused”…


The bees will harvest pollen if they need it for building purposes inside the hive. They really are after nectar or sugars of some sort. If you want the bees to put cannabinoids into the honey, you would need to feed them a sugar mixture that has some in it. Bees don’t have cb1/2 receptors, so it won’t make them high.

Honey is heavy, so shipping can be cost prohibitive, but I can hook anyone here up with bulk honey if they want a bucket. It is as good as any out there, most of it comes from the shawnee national forest area of southern illinois.


i want that cheap cheap hemp seed oil. pollinate away

I understand your concern, but if it helps, we feel $40 for a 9oz 1850mg jar of craft flavor infused honey is fair considering our partnership with the local farm and the profits we share with them, notwithstanding the milligram to dollar price point being very competitive for our Wisconsin market. One of our most popular edibles.

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Well you’re also not verified to slang hemp products here so there’s that…


Fair, I don’t really sell anything here, I rarely even post. This was a very specific request and I thought I’d help a friend by posting it. Don’t know why shots are being taken.

OP you should definitely go with @ky_cbd his reputation is incredible.


Remember that time we docked together with it? Took forever to get out of the folds.

There’s no harm in posting a relevant link.


Thanks @Sidco_Cat you are always so welcoming.

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Definitely in the grey area, but you clearly aren’t abusing the forum by posting a link to a relevant ask.


Thank you @Future

Didn’t mean any harm