Bee Around Cannabis

Strange idea.

Has anyone tried raising bees inside a large indoor cannabis grow?

I would imagine that the wax,royal jelly, bee pollen and honey, would all be something very interesting. And every one of those items are saleable.

Additionally, bees might actually act as an isolation tek. The compounds found in the individual products they produce may contain high concentrations of specific compounds. Testing would be needed. Having bees around might be beneficial to the plants themselves.


Better yet, have a large greenhouse or outdoor facility. Far away from anyone else. And have strain specific make plants and the bees make actual strain specific honey. Or, if you were a breeder, use this for pollination

7 Likes Pretty sure this is what your talking about.

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Outdoor would not work, as you can’t control their foraging.

But indoors, you are in total control. grow a few flowers, have sugar water around. And all those beautiful buds, when they come.

Skywalker honey. GG#4 wax candles, etc.

I can imagine smoking a bowl full of tiny little bee pollen balls, and having to make sure there were no little legs included. (or maybe the legs add flavor…??)

Hell, if all the bees are eating is cannabis , maybe we can harvest and extract bees. I’m gonna roll up a fatty with these bees…hehe


They would need external access as well for nectar. They could not live on cannabis alone.

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The honeybee survives on nectar and pollen. None of which are found in an indoor grow. They can and will use the resin in propolis but that is it.


Their need for nectar is the reason that I said to grow some flowers. I believe that bees can also be fed with artificial nectar (weak sugar water).

Would be an interesting experiment. Grow a variety of stuff that flowers a lot, like lavender.

I would dedicate a seperate room to hives, and have pathways to all of the various grow areas in the facility. Mix flowering non-cannabis plants around, to assure that everyplace gets explored.

You could try it out if you are a breeder creating seed. Helps to have some pollen around.

They would require a lot of natural forage to survive. In the wild about 1.5 square km range. They can be kept alive on sugar syrup but the honey would not be edible.

I imagine that, in reality, there would be almost no way to contain the bees, with any degree of certainty.

If there were any way to the outside, it would be eventually found, and exploited.

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They can live in what is called an observation hive, though it is trickier but they are great to keep if you have a spot for a hive.

I think it’s time to introduce you to a friend of mine !

For anyone thinking about visiting Spannabis next year, if your interested I can ask him to meet up for a smoke and share some honey.
Or if you cant attend Spannabis, I can possibly ask him for some honey, jar it and send people who want it a sample.
( i say " possibly " because every man and his dog begs him for his honey … )

edit : I’m not advertising for Nic, I will not be selling anything, I only want to point that my friend has trained bees to make naturally infused cannabis honey. :+1: :heart:


some of the resin heads have a noticeable sweet smell!

I use to own honey bees…

I spent one winter chasing ass and they chased a better spot out and left!


At least you tried !!!
Next year when i get my house, I will try to keep bees …

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I couldnt get over how aggressive mine was…

ding , ding, ding ,… bouncing off my Vail trying to eat me

mean ass fuckers the ones I got …I’ve heard some being so cool u didnt need the suits…lmao not me…and another thing that jacket and gloves in the summer w Jean’s holy hell!

not trying to detour anyone I’d like to do again

I had issues w hive beetles every winter


lolololo, They say its all about you and how you are around the bees dictates they’re attitude toward you.


Thanks, I got a good laugh/joy imaging you being attacked by your bees while melting in the bee gear.


I had forgotten about this thread, thanks for reminding me.

I am curious about the canna-honey. Have you personally sampled it? Obviously, there will be a vaguely normal honey flavor, but is there a noticable cannabis taste? Does it burn the back of your throat?

Has the honey been tested for cannabinoid content?


Yes, i have eaten plenty, also the propolis. It all depends on what the bees have been up to and where they have been. No it does not taste like honey with concentrate added. It tastes like … Honey that grew up around weed lol, its hard to explain but probably the opposite way around to what your thinking.
Yes Nicolas has had it tested, somewhere there are the results but sat here right now I can not think where he posted them. I think it was around 30% total canibaniods " don’t quote me, thats a vague memory "