ISO consultant for fast thcA crystallization procedures

I am the CEO of a cannabis extraction company in the Portland, OR area. I am hoping for some assistance in selecting equipment and developing procedures for the rapid crystallization of thcA that has been hydrocarbon extracted from cured biomass. I do not need large diamonds, I need fast thcA. Our main objective is to increase the rate of crystallization and decrease OpEx. The fewer steps the better. I would like to avoid using pentane, if possible.


@Nastyclean or @slickric174 would be worth contacting.


@Future is advertising the genome project quite a bit too. Id look into that.


I have a procedure for the isolation of THCA from winterized crude as a granular crystalline solid. Shoot me a DM if you wanna learn more.


Im ur guy… regardless good luck there are tons great consultants here


I’ll save you a few thousand…

Drop your extract into dry ice or ln2 straight after you dump.

Smash your precipitated thca into powder.



I have a process for rapid crystallization from heptane diluted crude or distillate but it crashes the THCa out as a slurry instead of large diamonds/crystal formations. To get diamonds you would need to recrystalize


It crashes the THCa out of distillate?!?

What is this wishcraft?

Or are you selling two SOP for the price of one?


Sorry i meant cbd distillate, thca would ofc be unheated and fresh

Hi there. Why don’t you come to our class next weekend as my guest. We will have a number of consultants on hand. The whole class isn’t applicable, if you’re too busy, you can come to the sesh and I’ll introduce you around. DM for details.


Just buy some spicy gas. fast crash your crude. clean up thca in penetane.

you really need sizable seed crystals to perform some of these tricks other extractors are using.


I’ve been known to to some large scale thca crashes

Large production batches 60lbs+ of thca at a time

Made from cured material


What is on your wrist bro? You putting in work for tour next smash session?

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That ls one of my techs holding the pot I’m not sure what the hell it is

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use CRX or CRY from mediabros, pour into pans or whatever you want(jar beaker whatever), cover in plastic wrap, leave at room temp or 80f-85f oven for a couple of days, separate the sauce from the crashed thca, break up thca as much as possible and purge at 115f.

boom you have thca in less than a week.

of course you can do it better and increase purity but thats a decent starting point if you arent worried about “diamonds”


You can so it in less than a shift with DI or Ln2


Hey @NickCento456 did you figure out what you needed?

Hit us up if you want to chat. We’ve devised a process that reliably produces 99% pure THCa Isolate, marking a breakthrough in quality standards.

Our Oberon System matches large ethanol throughput and with a simple, low-cost separation centrifuge + PureFlowN2 (nitrogen-powered assist, standard on all of our new equipment) = Rapid time-to-market surpassing ethanol extraction.

You can check out the process here: Infographics | Luna Technologies

We’re also in Portland.

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Amine complexed fast crash is the elephant in the room DM me for info

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That amine is harder to purge than is comon knowlidge so I d be carefull with that tech


Methanol or dry ethanol co-evaps?

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