ISO COA generator software

Im looking for software that I can dump an Excel version of my data into and generate a clean looking COA for in-house use.


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I can have this made. Feel free to inbox me.
Sub $50 budget can hire a professional with unlimited revisions


Grafana makes beautiful graphs. Pretty sure you can feed it CSV(excel), or from a database. A little work to get going, but once done automatic beautiful graphing and reporting.


Post a sample of your data

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“for in-house use”


a COA is a certificate of authenticity… issued from a lab which is accredited and has been deemed fit to be allowed to issue these certificates.

You don’t need an “In-house COA generator” any more than I need a fiat currency press.

you need a data aggregator.

Lets not start mis-using the term COA around here and giving out any easy to mis-use software to the bugbear pit and ethical black hole where all light dies that is the hempster sphere.


Yeah, you guys really need to check me on this stuff. I make stuff without thinking of the potential negatives or nefarious client goals.

I can do data automation, pdf generators, print outs. Web Calculators etc.

I would be much more inclined to make a full coa solution for anyone with a brand/lab.

Watermarks etc.

I just don’t want to see this idea put to use to scam people over medicine.


can you make one that says my D8 is compliant too?


Ok…maybe COA was a misuse of the term.
I would like a cleaner way to display my results to my bosses LIKE how a COA looks.

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why not just use preverde color appoach and have a legend on the bottom

you can even lock cells and make a template. :man_shrugging:

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Grafana… It is well documented and relatively easy to setup… if you are running lots of reports it will save you alot of time in the long run.

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a suite of easy to use and interpret yield calculators for various processes would be suuuuper dope.

Doing a bunch of quikk maffs on a whiteboard is often times not my strong point (I am somewhat numerically dyslexic) and making a mistake in the middle of presenting is usually embarrassing and often disastrous.


Using pivot tables could probably help you with presenting and not doing maths on the fly.

Excel to organized pdf sounds like an ideal solution. These are sub $50 on fiverr.


I was thinking Fiver myself.


Almost all instruments have a built in technical report. If you want a Certificate of Analysis (someone else mentioned a Certificate of Authenticity - that’s different, so if that’s what you want, please disregard) that summarizes the data you have collected across multiple instruments I would recommend going with a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) which will pull the information from your instruments directly instead of a spreadsheet and put it into a report format based on your “in-house” or “compendial” or “regulatory” requirements. They even do electronic signatures at this point - so someone in Quality Assurance can review it semi-remote.

Here are some cannabis friendly (since not all companies work with cannabis yet) LIMS that I have used in the past. They are SaaS or standalone - pretty cheap and easy to install/work with.

Labware - I’ve used this for almost a decade at different facilities, their cloud based system is modular and easy to get started and they already have integrations with most (if not all…) instrument companies.

Element - I’ve only used this twice but it does integrate nicely with regulator software and instruments. I don’t know that I like it as much as Labware - but that’s probably because I’m used to Labware a bit more.

As some others said above - doing what you are asking is not terribly difficult, but you should probably have someone that this is what they do. I’ve been doing quality assurance for over a decade and my signature on a COA means a whole lot. Looking nice is one thing - but validated data is what is really important.

Good luck!


Thank you! Fun story…I just ran across Labware in my search and sent them an information request.


i mean, are you SURE you don’t need a fiat currency press?


This isn’t necessarily true. COA can mean different things in different contexts, but it sounds like OP is wanting to make his own Certificate of Analysis, which is perfectly fine, to present his data for internal use. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to present data this way (which is more attractive than the ugly Chemstation reports). Might just want to put “For Informational Use Only” in the header.

What could be done is you could persist your raw data in SQL (you can copy the Chemstation raw data .CSV right into SQL), where each row is a test instance. That data would then be presented as HTML to generate your in-house COA.

@PaulyFerg let me know if this is something you might be interested in. I could get you set up with a system with a login and registration and get it all deployed for you.

A certificate of authenticity is a document which may be issued to demonstrate a particular piece of artwork is authentic. Or some type of collectible.

No it’s not a misuse of the term for those of us that know. You used the right term.

@rowan Again this is inaccurate. An accrediting body (Such as ISO, ORELAP, NELAP etc.) issues Accrediation to a lab to demonstrate the lab has met all the requirements for said accreditation (they follow data retention standards, they passed proficiency tests, they calculate LOD and LOQ a certain way, the list goes on and on…The state agency (like the BCC in California) gives a lab the license to issues COAs (Certificate of Analysis) for compliance testing (myco, pesticides, cannabinoids etc.)

Here is an explanation from SigmaAldrich for what a Certificate of Analysis is (they have only been in the chemistry industry for decades :slight_smile:

Rowan is now @Omni

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