ISO cheap-ish WFE

Used or new requirements?

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Can be, but like- not thrashed too hard and put away too wet you know?

We have a VK-95 coming in but i need to line up a stripper

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We’ve got one last HiVE v1 new old stock machine available for $65k. Set it up with a feed pump, and a roots booster vac pump and you’ll have by far the best bang-for-your-buck stripper.

post pics

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Single state 6 inch yhchems are like 50k from toption right now

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I can get glass ychems for like $35k

but… jesus christ i just puked in my mouth

fuck a cheap wiper I’ll just buy a badass SPD for the same price and have something to be proud of.

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Steel, basically the single stage version of what was at Extractech

Did you ever get the DIY wiped film up off the ground @Rowan? Been wanting to do the same sometime here soon


I did not but a whole bunch of other companies did and they now charge heinous amounts of cash for whay amounts to one off DIY hackjobs… i could not bring myself to it in time to cash out during the hellish shitshow that was farm bill bandwagoning but if i had i might have paid off my beakers and my wrenches tenfold


You still got the parts? I’m DYING for a WFE and I wouldn’t mind for one minute to cobble together a hack job.

No i sold everything i had equipment wise to @ricky9900 right before he sent the swat team after me.

Little bastard

Oh shit! That’s fucking wild!

Fuck hemp


I feel that. I believe I would feel much better to be operating in a legal cannabis market rather than slanging d8 to keep the lights on

I was just driving around looking to knock peoples lights out tbh

Glad im done with big hemp, all the unsuccessful wanna be cannawannas played circlejerk for two years and its still Jr High afaik

I saw in another thread that you had experience with ion exchange resins. Could you DM me @Rowan ? I’ve got some questions you might be able to help with.

I got one a senco old school one if your just looking for a wiper just to strip volatile’s

Sort of, i was at the time being heavily mislead by some fellows selling purolte reverse phase medias- i did have to learn a lot about ion exchange in the process of righting myself and my clients.