Is this a thing

Im used to getting bud etc through small vendor events and just homies and plugs … is it easier in legal states Like are growers easy to approach and keep contact with, or pop out to discounted prices events ? been thinking about this all quarantine Should I just fly out there lmao

@Bagled paging Dr bagled

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In legal states there’s a chain that the weed has to go thru so I don’t think(maybe some places) the growers sell to the consumer unless they have a license for that
And if that’s the case they have to pay for both licenses etc and oftentimes don’t sell at lowball prices, I would assume.
However you can buy weed everywhere dirt cheap in the black market, and you don’t have to ask online(.because anyone who says yeah and they don’t know you are a cop, a rip off, or just dumb.) go to the bar or the skatepark or ask homeless people.
But nowadays there’s always a legal state right around the corner but I’d just stick with the pop ups
In medical states it’s a bit easier I guess, especially if you get your card in that state


Makes sense with the licenses intact. Def will keep an eye out for new tricks at the park ! A trip to Colorado doesn’t sound too bad either

If you have the money, go there and get your medical card and find a grower to grow your plants and you’ll get whatever portion(the number varies)

Process for medical card is decent? I’m assuming most growers would do it no hesitation

A lot of growers are already growing for people
Some people rip people off and sell your shit
Some don’t want to go theough the bullshit of dealing with patients because it’s oftentimes a pain in the ass or they want more than was agreed upon etc


Is WHAT a thing?

This is certainly not a place I would recommend trying to buy cannabis. (@ThumpsWook was joking about the last guy who got scammed here trying to purchase cannabis illegally…)

Hemp maybe.

This place is about information.
And it most certainly IS a thing.

See: Data Dump! (Scientific Papers)


That was my experience cargiving on the medical side. Patients wanting more than agreed amount. Not wanting to participate in labor and costs and then think u owe them far beyond what is agreed and fair.
I usually did set amount no of ands or buts. Fuck u pay me. And if they wanted more they had to help with labors associated.
Im down to me and my son medical now. So much less issues. I always thought ppl having medical cards and being legit would change the way ppl behave but nope.
Iv considered doing collective again or jist going full rec. But as its sits happy with doing my card and caregiving for my son


Not trying to do anything here but more in person. Just wondering how the process is out there

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Still trying to understand what you mean by your thread title.

This is what people look at when they’re trying to figure out what you’re asking.

what are you asking?


… you can learn all kinds of cannabis related stuff. Including why one should not make purchases from strangers on the internet.

Not implying that was your goal.

Explicitly asking for clarification on “is THIS a THING?”

what is this thing called love?


what’s this thing called luv?


Co workers even are best bet. Bars and skateparks are perfect too.

Homeless guys, now you’re asking for a wide variety there.

Already have plugs. Just looking for better ones
Meant to say if legal state events with discounted prices are a thing … my fault !

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I am currently homeless (although I have a decent job I just moved to town, landlords don’t take products, and it’s getting warmer so sleeping in the car ain’t bad, got a mattress…)
Not that I would do it but I could put my hands on several thousand pounds of whatever grade of flower they wanted, and hundreds of pounds of oil, unlimited conversions…it’s everywhere, and people talk about it everywhere, at least as far as the people I talk to
Just like a whole lot of people.


There are limits as to how much you could purchase in a day, or several days on cacation, so it may not be financially viable

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Discounts start with truck loads.
Drive truck to farm and load, pay farmer directly


Dm me elaborate on this comment

What is the price from your plugs?