Is there a way to isolate terpene

Hey just looking for a way to do a terpene separation with live resin would love to know how these pics are pulled off.

When you form diamonds ( THC-A most likely in this case) your terpenes seperate out and stay behind in the “mother liquor”. They then took those diamonds and washed them with cold pentane, purged the terpenes for excess solvent, and finally poured the terpenes back on. I know @murphymurri has a way to get a terpene fraction using CRC.


Thank you very much that’s exactly what I was asking for

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Exactly what @kingofthekush420 said - crystalization purifies your thca and the supernatant/mother liquor can be poured off of the crystals. The benefit to separating the terpenes from the cannabinoids is to expose each product to the different conditions necessary to remove any residual solvent. Then, when all residual solvents have been removed, the two consistencies are combined again for consumption.

Oh & you can totally use chromatography to separate terpenes from cannabinoids as well, though that level of purification is not necessary to achieve what’s pictured here.