Is psilocybin invasive/permanent

Is psilocybin invasive in the way that it will leave a mycelium network in an outdoor area to re spawn every season? Does this mean given the right opportunity psilocybin can be in an area theoretically forever? Is psilocybin invasive in the way the it can start on the ground and the mycelium makes contact with a living-dead organic host, colonizing and taking over the living-dead host? Is psilocybin a good way to start phytoremediation to a land that is contaminated or is mustard a better idea?

|Living-dead host=decomposing tree or decomposing organic matter. I like to think of it as living-dead not decomposing.|


Hemp does a pretty good remediation of HM contamination


Mycelium covers the ground everywhere! Its the world wide web of nature connecting everything.

That being sad if u lived in the proper regions in pretty sure u can get it in the ground and certain kinds need cow poop to grow others need wood , others just good mushroom compost but this is hard for these species I’ve been told

But its in the ground already and just respawns every year if I’m not mistaken


Just read these titles in Google search results " PNW mycelium map "
Some very old mycelium patches.
Iv always believed mycelium has a lifespan, I’m quite sure the ones iv played with do.

@CannaBotanist can you chim in on this?


This sounds like wook science to me but plz prove me wrong

EarthSky | The largest land organism is … a fungus.


Given that there is enough food for the mycelia(the living portion of fungi), it can live in one location for quite some time. The mycelia will persist through the seasons in this location until resources are depleted, or it is out competed. It would not re-spore the already inoculated host year after year.
Consider what the mycelia is consuming. Is it a large oak stump with no competition? It could live there for decades, fruiting most years. There are trees that I visit every autumn for the past 15yrs to collect laetiporus sulphureus. Or is it consuming a small cow patty and will quickly need to find more resources (cow patties are discontinuous) and travel through spore release.

Mycelial mats will move around and some are more mobile than others. Consider the habit of slime molds, they can move more than some people do in a day, ha ha!
If the mycelia has the resources and conditions are met for fruiting, it will send out fruits(mushrooms)to distribute its spore to further inoculate other host materials.
Fungi are categorized into 4 categories based on their preferred diet.
Mycorrhizal(endo and ecto)- symbiotic
Saprotrophic- dead material
Necrotrophic- living hosts, transitioning into
Saprotrophic once host is dead
Biotrophic - less symbiotic but can persist without killing living host
Cubensis is saprotrophic. They cannot innoculate live hosts.
Is it invasive(cubensis)?..I guess not by definition as it eats dead/ decaying material.
Is it permanent? What is permanence? Everything rots.


I forget whom it was, but someone had posted how to start a patch of Azures, and then how to propagate them yearly in that section. I forget exactly which myco thread it was, but it was certainly informative. Talked about creating the myco, burying it with wood chips above it, and then cover with 2-3" of dirt, and then to sprinkle grass seed on it. And it was stated to reapply these items every spring, and then every fall there is supposed a bloom of azures.


Muha ha ha, twas I, @Capttripppp. But there was confusion on my part with that.
I was talking about psilocybe cyanescens/azurescens. OP was talking about pan. Cyan.


Happy Psychedelic Sunday! Who’s having a few caps with me today?

Just me? It’s cool the flowers and I are talking, lol.


That’s right, and I literally just edited right at the same time you posted! I went back to go find the post, and realized that cyans, are pooh lovers!

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I may have read the same one you’re referring to. Is that the one where the guy does the wood chip and mulch garden and shows what times of year to do it so that they’re permanent.

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That it covers the ground everywhere in the forest? Just go in to forest rack the ground back and find the white webbing under everything. I’ve always been told it connects everything in the wild feeding micronutrients to it but I’m probably wrong

And magic mushrooms seems to be the hardest to do like this most time its just local natives mushrooms

If anyone knows how to move magic mushrooms outside to come back every year please inform me bc I would love to

I have more areas that azures would love than anything else probably

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Psilocybe azurescens outdoor cultivation | Fungifun this is the mulch patch and wood chip thing and I guess if you do it right it’ll come back. The biggest thing about the east coast especially New England is slugs. Slugs tend to eat the inoculated substrate of the woods chips. I’ve had a friend a while back who threw out a pf tek jar that was fully innoculated into his backyard and it got eaten by slugs.

Coffee grounds repel slugs.


Ur temp may be to cold in New England but inknow u can find them in the wild in cow pastures

I was always told in those areas the grain was bringing in the spores…which i think is myth

Says zones 6 ,7,8 so that gets pretty cold some places…that was on the website u linked

I kinda wanna try this. …I’m in 7b and 8a so I’m definitely trying this…ordering some azures spores…ill.liquid culture the mycelium and keep reading to see what steps I go through next

I seen them growing in the summer in a few places. I’ve had that same friend who threw a pf tek jar outside, grow huatala and liberty caps outside. I guess his trick was a drip irrigation bed that imitated the rain when we were in a hot drought week.
I know the flying gyms are a thing here in New England but the psilocybin content is low.

well azures are some the strongest i hear whats ur grow zone

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Grow Zone Hardiness Zone 6b.

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Let’s both get some azures growing im ordering the spores asap. I have plenty oak woods plus ill.make raised bed that I dig into the ground some and put in perfect areas. Mushrooms come up all in my wooded areas

I have tons of other spore syringes if someone would trade me azures for maybe copelandias…I have copelandias from all.over the world…I just got new one in other day was native to Florida and is the pan cyanescens

I hate it we have a native shroom that looks identical to peniz caps grows in clusters but bruises brown :expressionless: no good for me

says u can grow in zone 5 if ull cover every winter and these particular shrooms , azures, mycelium can survive -20f winters wow

Yeah so the more I study mycelium is in the ground everywhere and connecting every thing…its just fruits when times are proper…

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