Is it possible to convert hemp/CBD to D9?

Hello. I have a question, someone I know who makes delta-8 gummies and works with delta-8 more than D9 told me people are converting hemp to D9? Is this possible and if so is it a wide spread thing? Or just not economically viable compared to traditional D9 distillation?

It’s possible, it’s just not sold as openly as d8


Is it worth it over conventional D9 distillation or not worth it? I personally don’t see why people would synthetically derive D9 instead of going the cheaper better route if it is cheaper.

You can get to d9 via CBD for ~600ish a kilo, until thc biomass is grown the same way hemp is, the cbd path will be cheapest


Synthesizing, while not my wheelhouse, is a decent solution for an those guys sitting on giant supplies of hemp and CBD that has almost no value compared to even a year ago… maybe two now… again not my wheelhouse.

D9 prices have taken some hits too, but not nearly as low as CBD. Got a bunch of worthless stuff in a warehouse? Turn it into something that’ll increase the value by 3-4 fold.


Chances are, the liters you already are using are conversions. Even from your “boy backdooring liters from his liscenced shop”.

Now they are using conversion liters as a unique form of tax evasion/pesticide compliance.

Others are mixing in heads from spd runs to make the conversions smell like real distillate. It gets really crazy, and is bound to get worse


When do you think D9 prices will be below $1000 per litre? 1 year?

Also when are the wolkentek style pods in lol

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I doubt it. Even poorly converted liters go for more than that


Yea average liter price for Raw D9 rn I’ve seen on BM is $3000-4000. D8/D9 mixtures or “raw” D8 even cheaper then D9. I hate to see the market take a plunge like this. Getting to the point I’m gonna distill my own shit eventually.

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L in Cali can go for as little as 2.4k on D9… the real version… last I heard and that was a few months back.

@qma That’s why I stick to THCa and leave the hot dog water to the ‘professionals’.


You know it isn’t a conversion if you distilled it yourself. Thats it.

When people talk about scaring the sneeki breeki hemp boys off the legal market, all it will lead to is floods on the traditional market. Wait till your carts cost double your oil. At that point you gotta ask the crusaders:

What happens to all the people with cbd making conversions?

What do you think that floods will do to cleanliness in the market?

You think trap house customers are gonna pay more over something they cant see and haven’t heard about yet?

Who elected/appointed you weed czar?

These are the questions you should be asking the people who think they are helping lmfaooo

Because the time to fix everything was 2019 when everyone was planting 2 gormilian hexoaceres of hemp with demand for like 40 acres lmfaooooo


I can’t wait to distill my own trim and shit. Fucking hell gonna be nice when that day finally comes and I’ll be a happy man. To my knowledge I am not getting converted stuff. Mainly want to produce my own stuff for knowledge and something to do and learn and pass down my knowledge to another person one day. I wanna do it the proper way. Not corner cutting. Its sad the market is like this.

I’m new to the industry side of things and hemp especially. Could I get some context to how the hemp industry plays a role in the traditional market more today then it did and what exactly happened to the hemp that they couldn’t sell from 2019? As you mentioned the supply was too much for demand.

What about long term business? I for example want to be in the hemp industry for clean long term business. Eventually legal THC and doing the same thing, single source in house craft everything. From seed/clone to flower, to extract to cart to edible etc etc etc. clean honest business the way it should be imo. Because to me the converting hemp → D9 isn’t good for long term business it seems. People will catch on and ask questions and when not properly answered will go to making it themselves.

Remember that the plants yield substantially more THC than CBD. For right now this ridiculous prohibition that is dying very quickly is the only thing that makes a CBD-d9 conversion worth pursuing.


D9 conversion SOPs are essentially super dry D8 conversions.

Water+acid makes D8.

no water? You can catch the 9 before it cycles over to 8


There’s a liiiittle bit more to it than that.


Science I’m starting to learn is hard lol. I’m more interested in extraction then isomerization. I see isomerization as a corner cutting method. Curious more on how it works and why people do it and commit MORE crimes to get the same end product.

Cbd > Cbd-a by magnesium methylate
Cbd-a > Thc-a d9 by triso
Done at 90+ yield
Get ready


For the :spoon:

@Roguelab will phosphoric also work?