Is CBD to D9 THC conversion scalable?

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Lets hear it, question is in the title.

Is CBD to D9 THC conversion scalable? What type of issues do you guys see with this process?

A friend is having issues as the prep work is tough but claims with the right buildout large batches are viable.

What do you guys think?

Yes if 8 kg isollate at a time is large enough and yield of 85% D9 is high enough



I was hoping you’d chime in…but whats with these numbers? Why cant we go bigger with a different vessel?


Because I haven t tried
But knowing the proces well I can confirm that getting It all dry (really dry )
Is an isseu the bigger the vessel gets not impossible both harder
Yield is directly corillated to dryness

I also think that reflux times become more than 24 hours at batches larger than 8 kg


Hmm interesting, so whos actually done big batches and if so did you run into these problems?

@RockSteady what size you running
What time is needed for that size to complete reflux ?

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This has been scaled to reactor sized by a few people here.

@RockSteady is the first wizard to come to mind


Any insight on the conversion process? I’ve been seeing many things and can’t weed through the bs. I can help suggest scaling equipment/process if I can have insight on solvents/additives for the process. I was able to scale our CBD isolate process from 50g/hour ->5000g/hour in a week or so

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How did you scale from 50/g to 5000/g and what equipment did you use?

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I started with a Buchner, filter flask, diaphragm, and dry ice. Basically instead of crystallizing in a dish or jar I did in 5 gallon buckets or larger. Instead of a Buchner I used larger filtering vessels. I’ll go into much more detail with ratios and mixing techs and happy to give specifics on all equipment since I’m only making CBD for personal use these days. My process was 70-80% distillate to isolate. However, I’d like to know anything relating to the CBD to D9 conversion

What I’ve seen is a ton of people claiming they are doing it but never any coa to back it up. I have most all the sop that everyone is saying they are using and they don’t work.


Did you try the pyrophoric substances as well ? :syringe:


how do I get an SOP??

Those definitely work. Using organometallic catalysts I’ve seen above 90% delta 9 thc.


Are you doing any conversion consulting?

Have you completed this.

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Yeah, DM me for more info if you’d like. I won’t give out the parameters of the reaction but I can point you in the right direction and provide you with some helpful links.


New to this form. do you offer consulting on the conversion process? Having a tough time getting consistent results.

Hey Ennui, earlier you said you can point me in the right direction and provide some helpful links to organometallic catalysts for high d9…can you still help me with this?

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not to rain on your parade too much, but the hopes fueled by that stupid patent have been all but crushed by a whopping 54% yield. talk about a real dud!

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