Is Buchner filter the best for filtering close to 50liters


@Chimeraleaf Have you received your Rotavap?


Not yet, looking like it’s still a few weeks out.

I’ll post an update when I receive.


How was the Customer service with LanPhan so far?


I can see a 25%import tariff coming also.


It’s only 10%, and if your getting charged 25% you haven’t kept up on tariffs. That was going into place on Jan 1, and is temporarily halted right now.

Thanks for my container ain’t in port till December 8. If you don’t need these tools for 2 months. You should look into alibaba sourcing all the shipping for you with their door to door sea service if the shipping is over 2-3k.


Not sure who makes these. Can’t get the all knowing one to produce a link. Saw them in San Jose, and this one belongs to a client


You got any closer pictures of the lids and the welds. You sure that’s made in China? What’s it used for?

The spool welds don’t look Chinese too me


Big Buchner.
Drain droid X3

Chinese for sure


How those Tri Clamp ends are welded on looks like an American welded it. It don’t look like the spools produced in China as they are forged in one piece not welded like that.

I’m looking specifically at the one on bottom left. That Tri Clamp fitting is welded on the spool. I don’t see the Chinese doing welds like this.


Dunno. Definitely lower quality than the drain droid. Or the Sambo. But gets the job done. Reads as Chinese steel


Personally I deal with a lot of steel out of China. I’ve never seen a spool made like those. I see that type of work from Americans that buy the pieces maybe from Chinese triclamp suppliers and do all that welding in-house. Which is why it reads as Chinese steel.

I’d imagine they might have done this to save in the shipping costs as that thing looks bulky. The parts don’t looks very complicated to source nor does it look expensive.

Just curious. As I know your as much a mechanical engineer as a biologist… how different is Chinese steel compared to American steel?


It welds differently sometimes, which says to me the metallurgy can be off.

I haven’t welded a lot of stainless, but I picked up a new tig welder today just because.

Too much iron and too much chromium in the cheap stuff??

Might just be the electropolish bringing the chromium to the surphace. Couldn’t tell you why I get that reading. Other than it feels “spectral”. As in it looks different to me.


whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck, lol.


How much wax mass have you loaded through that and how long did it take?


It’s been pretty good so far, they are quick to respond and make new invoices as I’ve changed my order a few times already.


BHO crude diluted in EtOH at 10:1, I can make it through about 15-20gallons, and it takes about 5 min to pump, followed by 5-10min of air to dry the cake. Setup and precoat takes about 10minutes, and cleanup another 10 or 15, all done at a medium pace. If you’re doing multiple rounds of pumping, figure 10min between to dump out the plates and reload.


This is a typical shop made spool. Your right about those forged peices, we build from weld on ferrels and tubeing.


The various grades of stainless steel range between the 100 series and the 600 series. The 400 series is the cheapest. It doesn’t usually contain nickel, making it magnetic and easy to identify. The 300 series is a non-magnetic type of stainless steel and is the type that is most commonly seen at scrap metal yards, but there are variations in value depending on the actual grade. There is approximately 18% chromium and 8% nickel in a 304 grade stainless steel, which is why it is commonly known as 18-8 in the industry. However, 316 grade is made up of 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum, which makes it more valuable than 304 grade.

Electropolishing stainless steel preferentially removes iron from the surface and enhances the chromium/nickel content for the most superior form of passivation for stainless steel.[11]


Hey this is a little clip of us electro polishing some welds on a pressure vessel