Is Buchner filter the best for filtering close to 50liters


He really does dislike lab society more than summit. Haha


I speak from a stictly rational bias that you are paying $1200 for a buchner funnel.

Also my opinions on summit and LS are both based on this rational basis. I have never bought anything from these compnaies or instructed anyone to purchase anything from them because I am a chemist that knows what these products do and what products outside the inflated cannabis industry perform the same task for a fraction of the price.

Edit: if you have something you want to buy from LS or summit let me know and if i have the time I will send you a product to purchase outside of cannabis industry 4 free


I’m with you on that, this industry takes advantage of us. Most of this equipment is being used all over the world already. They just charge us more because we’re in a different culture, where most of us don’t know any better.


I wonder if they make a 2" SS tri-clamp vacuum adapter? You could make a pretty good size buchner funnel out of kegs if that were the case.


Got one of those coming along with a 50l rotovap. Excited to see how much time it saves on winteraztion.

Pump for Buchner funnel

$4k in shipping costs…gotta love air shipping large heavy items from china…that looks awesome though


I made one out of a baby keg because I had over 400 gals of crude/etoh mix to filter and the single 18" Bel-Art wasn’t enough to get it done in what I considered a reasonable timeframe.

As far as vacuum adapters, hard to source locally in my experience but you can get plenty of pipe thread -> KF/QF fittings on eBay. Your local homebrewing shop will likely have MPT/FPT to TC adapters up to 1.5-2". And if you can’t find it, make friends with someone with a lathe and a tig welder.


@Lilibel makes those from PTFE


I switched from a buchner to a filter press and it has been life changing.


10” hole in one end, 6” in the other.
Yeah, it works…

Just got to get the 3D bed in there set right, protect it from disruption from in coming flow (pour in my case)


Oh, I was thinking of just cutting the bottom off a tall 1/4 barrel keg and using it as the funnel into a 1/2 barrel keg as the receiving flask. Utilizing the 2" openings that already fit onto a tri-clamp. Though I guess I would still have to weld a porous plate to the bottom of the funnel to support the mesh filter and 3D bed. Which means I’d still have to pay someone with a plasma cutter and tig welder to get the funnel together. Probably still way cheaper than a pre-made setup, though.


Not recommending my solution. It was what I had. Just confirming it works :wink:


Check out Sambo Creeck Filtration!


Industrial Filtration Equipment Q&A


What kinda filter press? I do all my rough cut in a 10.25 bel art then into the freezer for 24hrs and then I use my stainless steel for the final 1micron and straight into the roto.


what a sweetheart.


It’s an aluminum 10" 7-plate press with an air-driven diaphragm pump. Fun tip: where the pressure gauge was installed between the pump and the plates, I teed it off and added a 1/4" air fitting. When done pumping, I connect the air line to that fitting and blow air through to de-water the cake.


Nice sounds efficient. Any way I can get pic to better understand, I’ve seen a few modified maple syrup presses that work pretty good, but your sounds a lot better



I like it, very nice. Sourced yourself its not a pig from summit? If i ever needed to do that much that definitely would be the route i would take. Are tou doing etho exyravtion or bho. Im all bho, if i could turn the clock back 5 yrs id would have startwd with etho, but in those days you couldnt biy half rhe stuff you can now , and sure as sbit no one was sharing info. I called pope back in 2014 and they asked what company and business wiring etc. i told rhem id just dly out and oay for it and they hund up pretty much.