Is Buchner filter the best for filtering close to 50liters


What would be the best way to filter a lot of crude for the winterizarion process? Should I get a bunch of buchners? Should I have multiple stages of filtration?


google drain droid

Look around here for sambo


I use 2 of these and they work great for filtering 60-80 liters a day using the welch 2062 diaphragm pump. Multiple stages of filtration works great with bho crude


do you use the hocstrom to filter carbon ?


I think he’s referring to 50L of crude a day… not 50L of to tincture


Yeah I do stage two filter with carbon over a silicate bed with those hochstroms


I dont know why you are referring to tincture in this thread it hasn’t been brought up


Your filtering 60L of crude a day with 2x hochstrom filters? Running 24hrs?


60 liters of winterized 10:1 crude yes? 10 hour shifts but it only takes like 6-8 hours to filter that


60L crude is different from 60L 10:1


Bruh just use household water filters properly staged with a diesel fuel transfer diaphragm pump (breaks internet)


How quickly could your small unit solve OP’s problem? And at what cost?


Tincture is the term for resin dissolved in etoh.
What @FamilyForever710 was saying is 50 liters of undissolved crude is more than 50 liters of tincture.


50 liters of crude is about 500 liters of tincture for winterization. Probably beyond the scope of the big 12" buchners.

These might work for ya.


Big fan of these filters. So easy to clean!


I mean 50 liters of tincture I’ve also been hearing 10:1 isn’t even necessary, maybe a 9or8:1


Disclaimer!!! This is an overpriced buchner that has the slight advantage of being able to seperate into two pieces.

In my opinion this product is egregiously overpriced


Yeah man I knew what you meant. Were on the same page


That’s cool dude, these hochstoms work well for me! I think you just want to hate cause its summit


He is a equal lab society hater too. Lmao. I like his honesty though.