Hey guys,

Its very hard to find people who identify themselves as inventors, are there any inventors here? Have you brought anything to market or created a product for the cannabis industry?


I identify as an engineer, who spent a professional lifetime creating innovative solutions for employers before retirement and a few in cannabis after.


What did you create? Thats pretty dope, did you like your job as an engineer?

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If I had a billion dollars and all of these guys’ time I’d stick em in a makers factory and let em work thier magic


Factories, processes, equipment, and some products. Most of my creations were oriented toward pushing the state of the manufacturing art, so as to produce products that no one else could.

I liked engineering better than anything else I did, because it utilized my mechanical and abstract reasoning gifts, while minimizing the wake my clay feet made.

The last twenty or so years I was an engineering program manager, who managed teams of engineers, designers, and contractors installing facilities, processes and equipment, with me providing the conceptuals and A-Team handling the details. I liked that better.


Might you share your background and interests?


To steal your hard work duh


Too late for that…


Thanks to the philanthropy from masters such as Gray wolf, I’ve imitated art & in turnaround created life via/from plants. There’s been other great teachers/sharers also that have led me down great paths via growing in hydro/aeroponics which I’ve tweaked design(s) that’s helped the inventions perform with greater results. So even though the starting “inventions” weren’t mine improving or re-making them has always been fun that’s moved into passion. So a BIG THANK YOU to living legends such as @Graywolf and others who give of their heart & mind for the benefit of mankind. Be kind brothers/sisters to each other is a lesson/message that seems to ring true from these great teachers.


I think anyone making anything in this industry specifically for cannabis is an inventor. We borrowed other industries to piece together our own for example brewing equipment or parts that were originally designed for brewing so anything that’s been optimized for cannabis I would consider an invention


You are either a creator or you are not… because you have yet to discover that within self. An inventor is just someone with an imagination who also possesses the ability and drive to create in real life what the imagination dreamed up.

Inventors create solutions. Look at a problem within your reach and begin brain storming…


This is my favorite part of working in cannabis. Farming and extracting both require tons of critical thinking and problem solving. And it’s ever changing in just about every way imaginable.

Not cannabis related other than it’s at our spot, but since our lovely break in at our facility (asshole who drove into the garage door) we now are building a 60’ long metal cage rock wall deal to stop anyone from doing it again. Never done that before.


One of the most fun parts was brainstorming solutions with a room full of multiple disciplines, including our own and rented PhD experts in their fields.

Some of the simple solutions out of left field are often times the ones that cut directly to the core of the matter.


I’ve been trying to make stuff more often over the last couple years, this is the most recent tool I made. I need to scale it down for the 50 ml tubes next


Hi Graywolf,
Nice meeting you, its always great meeting a fellow engineer.
I grew up in NYC, but was born in Nigeria
I am a software engineer, I went to college for computer engineering, I used to work for IBM after I graduated, started my own start up and failed ( bye bye 20k) and currently helping my new company migrate to the cloud.

I love everything cannabis, My first invention was a mailbox drone that delivers mail to you in your kitchen. I did that patent with IBM, My next invention was called the easy roll paper, the easiest paper to roll. This was a solo effort. Im currently focusing on building the Drloud brand and will hopefully become a recognized inventor and engineer in the cannabis industry.


This is bad ass


Im inspired and confused at the same time, who knew I can feel such emotions

what does it do?

just helps empty centrifuge tubes, the 100ml type snap in and the pourer attaches to the mouth of a mason jar or the edge of a pan


Proud to say I got to sit in on a couple of these brainstorms and build outs with GW.

The vaporhawg and the terptrommel were excellent inventions!

Not to mention all the hydrocarbon closed loops he designed and built.

Studying under this man was one of the most valuable experiences in my life :pray:t3: