Introducing the new disposable from SMISS TECH

Hi FT42 FAM,

Have missed being here. Thank you very much for your previous help, I have learned a lot.
Hopefully, I can continue to bring you innovative products, this time from SMISS TECH.
For Starters, I would like to introduce a new Disposable Vape Pen.
(Introduction about SMISS TECH will also be there along the way)

Here is what is looks like,

Product & Service Highlights:

1. Lightweight and Stealth.
2. Charging port in place to make sure users can drill the last drop.
3. Printed Brick-Shaped-Coil makes it hit up way faster than the traditional coil, same time providing a better grasp of the oil and better flavor.
4. Tested No leaking.
5. Battery Voltage Adjustable to accommodate your extraction, No burning taste!!!

One more thing. When it comes to design a product, many brands prefer to have their own unique designs instead of using a COMMON one. And this is when a company like SMISS TECH comes in.

We are more than happy to fully design your own design right from the scratch, with different heating technology in place for you to choose from, with a Mutual NDA in place to protect your production privacy from being leaked.

In the year 2020 alone, it has shipped more than 90 million units of different devices to the USA. SMISS TECH is Market-tested.

Should you have any questions regarding this model, please feel free to send me a DM or write to me at

Thanks, FAM,



Well as usual,free samples are available for try-out.

Some facts about SMISS TECH,

170,000 sqm Work Plant/ ISO complied/FDA approved 100,000 Level Dust-Free Clean Plant,
9000+ employees,
173 Production lines.
Monthly Production Cap Max >100 Million Units

Please send pricing

Hi, Please check your DM.

Hit me up via DM for pricing too please.

Will do.