Internet Picture Request (Bushy Old Grower and his Vacuum)

I was reminiscing with a buddy about old strains from the 2000’s. He had mentioned Bushy Old Grower’s LSD (Lifesaver x NYC Diesel). It had an awesome lemon spicy myrcene flavor, a trippy buzz and felt sativa dominant when smoked, even though it finished like an indica.

Anyways, I used to post on the original Overgrow forums back then. BOG had posted a picture of himself in his bath robe and a weed plant with a vacuum cleaner for scale. My Google-fu must suck these days, because I can’t find it for the life of me. Dear internet friends, can you please help me find that old picture of BOG and his vacuum cleaner?


I might have some BOG LSD seeds here. let me go check… i have a lotta seeds from breeders in the early 2000 to late 2000

And just like that. Look what I found

i ran some BOG strains back in the day… big yeilders always…


I remember running his sour bubble regis cut which was on of the best SOG plants ive ever run…

one day soon ill probably wind up giving away my whole seed stash… i dont think ill grow anymore and i have shit from the 90s in my collection…

really wish i could grow the original nirvana WW i got in the early 2000… It was some of the most memorable cannabis ive ever smoke and still yern for it today…


I’m a seed whore who would love to get my hand on some bog LSD.

I had his sour bubble from Early 2000’s but the cut didn’t keep. Man that brings back some memories.

What else you got hiding in that library?


The question probably should be rephrased:

What don’t you have laying around in your library still??

I belonged to a private forum back in the day were a lotta breeders would hang and we would all just trade genetics and breed out crosses we thought would be fire.

I might have sour bubble here and lifesaver too.


Nice! I have a few things from around that time over grow, ol gypsy nirvana & the seed boutique/seed bay. Always tried to hold back a few seeds from my packs but some where just too good. I love taking a trip down memory lane when going through my old libraries.

If your up for trading some seeds for some green backs, jest ski rides, or high fives I’m all in.

I know he was a pollen chucker but we found some keepers of the crazy terp profiles from Rez Dogs Alpha D.


i got a lot of Rez’s old work too… Just not a fan of how short the buzz with all the chem crosses were.

i havent really decided what to do with all these beans from that time… I always thought in the future(now); people would wanna reminisce like we are… and bring back a few strains… But im soo busy these days… id rather just buy the weed… :man_facepalming:

This is why i feel like im a good weed tester… Ive tried almost everything… some cuts really stand out over the 29 years ive been smoking cannabis… lemon larry… WW… orgnkid Banana OG…
and a few others id love to somehow get back… I know i can get the banana og… but thats about the only one


20 y/o seeds… you really think they will pop?
Iv had 100’s of NYCD seeds that were 10 y/o that did nothing.


im sure the hulls are hard as a rock… im sure some scuffing would certainly be needed. Im sure some good growers could get them to pop…


@Killa12345 is on the right track. I popped my dad’s Jamaican seeds from the 70’s by gluing sand paper in a box and shaking the heck out of them until I could see the seed coat was thinner. I soaked them with a drop of fulvic acid and got about 1 out of 25 to pop.

I wouldn’t mess with giberellic acid (GA). It tends to make seedlings streeeeeeetch if you overdo it by a few ppm.


i think in my other seed box i have a matchbox lined with sandpaper in there from cracking seeds like panama gold and columbian gold seeds from the 80s in the late 90s.

just dont tell anyone here that @Killa12345 dont just smoke midz… Cant ruin my clown shoes reputation that ive only tried and smoke midz


You’re in Florida, it’s all mids anyway right?


I’ll poke around @AgTonik!

You were saying you was gonna send me summa dat heat a while ago @Killa12345 I’d still be up for popping some if ur ever down to send. No biggie if not. Ps get that banana og! @GummyJ u still got those alpha d selections? Love old Rez stuff. Those were the days…


I know. That pack is still sitting on my desk. Shoot me a dm with an addresss and I’ll get them out in the next 10 mins.

They still just chilling on my desk. Sorry bro.

Kinda funny I have most of y’all favorites just sitting in seed stock. Love you all. Here to share some of this stuff with you guys. It’s just some bird seeds to me


I heard the rice looking seeds have the highest germ rate.


I can get that banana og


i can get it back too…its probably the only elite cut i had back then i can get back…

when grown right that laffy taffy cut is the bomb… still to this day its one of my favorites…

They went in the box how i got them…



Duuuuuuuuude! U got a sick stash!! Thanks @Killa12345. Love u buddy.


you guys havent seen shit… i have a shit ton of stuff here from that time. Most of the up and coming breeders hung around the private forum i was a member of for a very long time. I ran a cut club for several years and shared thousands of free cuts which i shipped on my own dime. I have a few friends still which i can lean on to probably get anything i want, but ill save those favors for when needed.

But like some members here say… “your a newb and know nothing about cannabis”

i love hearing this from the 20 years olds here.


That sour bubble was fucking awesome. I miss it. I once got to meet bushy old grower at an event (can’t remember which one). He and his wife sold me some seeds and smoked a joint with me.

I want to say the event was the cannabis cup in Everett, wa back in 2014