Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



Once you’re up and running ill be purchasing some from you for sure


@Killa12345 any chance you wanna get rid of a set of filter plate with rings




So fellas I’m having a beautiful outcome when it comes to color of the end material and stability . But the issue is I’m losing the terps! Anyone else having stuff that isnt really terp… any recommendation on how to retain the terps or maybe stop using a certain product . My filter stack is using cannableach , Silca 60 + aa mix , magsil , and then at the bottom achromatizing clay.

#HELP MY TERPS#savethetaste



Are you using full on magsil or magnesol xl?

I haven’t had a problem with the terps. It has smoothed them out and they are nowhere near as harsh

What’s cannableach? Try just using the summit clay. What are you filtering down to


Cannableach is t-41.


Ah, @alwayslearnmore don’t need to use that.

The milder smell is probably also the lack of flavenoids in the color. I personally kinda like it better, but that’s me.


The loss of terpenoids and flavonoids being experienced is more than likely correlated to the percentage of activated carbon in the filtration media composition.

As previously mentioned T-41 (acid activated bleaching clay) or marketed as “Cannableach” are all one in the same. This product contains 10% activated carbon.

Activated carbon is widely utilized as a effective scrub media for removing undesirable taste and odor in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and food industries.

That being said it’s of little surprise that we would also experience some reduced concentration of terpenoid isoprene units and bioflavonoids when used as a filtration aid.

Also as previously observed depending on individual taste palate, this may be perceived as a benefit allowing the delicate unique nuances of different genetic profiles to now come through more profoundly than previously observed being masked by the otherwise more easily excited terpenoid profile.


What’s is your flow rate like on the 3x36


@Idab916 Sorry bro…The forum literally bought me out of plate and ring sets on the first days of this thread.

Most of my chinese suppliers are out of the office till Feb17. Then i should be able to make a massive express order.

I do have these in 3" and 6" left.


@Killa12345 thanks but i got some like that too.was. tryna get rings as i feel it holds filter paper better then compression ring


first test run on some old trim. Usually comes out dark and sticky


Hey thanks for the T41 advice took it out and def helped . My next issue is clogging . What can i do to prevent major clogging . Filter stack is a 4” all the way down it’s only filter colum. The process reallllly slows down during filtering …

This is what I’m using :
4 inch - 5 micron stainless steel sintered filter disk from best value vac .


How tightly are you packing your media?


Not tight at all . Pouring it in … tapping it flat.


Should I restructure my media I used @Kennyrhule idea .
Bottom 1100ML Summit achromatizing clay

Middle 400ML magsil PR

Top 500ML Silica 60 blended with 400ML AA ( was adding T41 - but will take it out )


What’s the reasoning behind mixing the silica gel?


I would stay away from mixing the two media, you want to make sure it’s going through a solid layer of each to ensure contact.


Okay sounds good I will try not mixing the media … that was what @Kennyrhule recommended .


@Kennyrhule what was the reason your mixing the silica and alumina?