Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



Fuck that would be scary.

@ScoobyDoobie please no. Iso butane at a liquid is 10f, or -12c. Just run it room temp. It’s going to chill your column to a frost anyway.

I run that cold because it’s easier to move a cold solvent around with the pressure I negate. And it warms up by the time it gets to the bottom of the column anyway. If you are capable running that hot, you are going to run into vapor locks. everywhere.


I wasn’t planning on doing this, I’m more trying to ask if hot solvent vapor is effective at extraction as opposed to liquid solvent. I suppose I could have worded it better so you guys didn’t think I was gonna blow myself up lol

@cyclopath is right, my rig is no good past 150 psi.


We should group buy I’m planning a large order myself… @Shadownaught could we do a bulk buy with separate payments and separate shipping address…


This is exactly what i plan to do… Once i get the idea for the frequency of ordering needed, I plan to have my purchasing schedule here on the forum. This will allow larger labs that dont quite order enough for Distributor or wholesale pricing to quality.

Even if @Shadownaught doesnt wanna take seperate payments and ship to addresses…Thats exaclty what i will do and i know i have the ability to drop ship to you guys. @BG305 has been my first carbon chemisty customer already and ive had 50kg of T5 and Silica already drop shipped to his farm.

This is all new @Intergalactic. I will get this dialed in really quickly. If you wanna talk about getting in on a order for this thurdays. Throw me a DM.

You really need to trust me on this bro…I got something planned that should make these carbon chemistry powders even cheaper. I just have to crunch the numbers and see how this stuff sells first. Once i can get a grip on inventory turnover rate. I can be a lot more aggressive in my ordering but this is a new product for me so i need a little time to get a hold of the numbers.


Based on the vapor pressure chart you’d be right around 190-200psi at 140f.


The sales team keeps me at arms length to a certain extent since I spend all my time in product dev, method dev, and site visits. @Killa12345 has been a huge help taking care of this board so if you can work together that would make life very easy. Our logistics software probably wouldnt like having a bunch of clients bundled in a category yet ordering and paying separately, but that would be a question for sales.


I ordered some activated eastchem brand bleaching earth to use as a filter bed on my buchner funnel with lab paper filter. I’m wondering if this was a mistake because the PH is too low? I guess I should have ordered some T5 instead?? Is it possible to combine it with something that has a higher ph (magnesol?) What is the effect of too low of a PH, and how does temperature come into play (room temp vs supercold) Sorry if I made some mistakes asking this question, I still have a lot to learn, I appreciate all the knowledge floating around here and all of you.


Are you using butane?

And what micron paper in the Bucher? The ph shouldn’t effect it too much. Just the adsorbancy. And temperature goes back to the first question.


Next time just buy t5, we dont know whether that eastchem bleaching clay is effective for what we’re doing but we do know that t5 is.


Did a little R&D with that eastchem and it definitely lightens the color up. I will take some pictures in a few.


Anyone know what the cation in the t5 is? Or A recommendation of a bentonite that works that isn’t 20 dollars/100g?


When my order from carbon chemistry gets here next week I plan to sell a kg of T5 for $40 shipping.

That’s much cheaper than 100g for $20.


@Killa12345 I’m in town right meow getting a milkshake at wayback burger. This made my day seeing you are a one man shop meow. I’m pretty excited to hear everything is in order for the powders. I appreciate all the help so far and look forward to mastering my cls and upgrading her. I get better with every use and take into consideration on what I can do to improve my next run. I’m recovering my solvent in 20-30 mins typically


Try they got t5 $28 for 500g


Sounds like killa12345 pricepoint is beter


I’m offering free priority shipped too which has gone up and is gonna cost me $7 at least.

So that price is very similar for half the powders. I’m going to be every aggressive with this stuff. I’m just trying to help out. If anyone thinks I’m taking advantage. I’ll not sell them.


Killa12345 definitely has better price. I just know some people are in a rush to get started


And I can’t blame anyone that’s excited. I’m not gonna be able to make every sale or help everyone. Just trying to lend a hand when I can.


Hey @Dred_pirate, the ones you have poured as slabs, did they sugar like you know who??


I have had some sugar and some super stable

Only the ones that channeled on me sugared