Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



Do you have more information on this? I didn’t know I could be at risk for crashing out THC during an inline dewax.

I’m running between 4-10:1 (4lb for trim, 6-10 for bud depending on quality)


Here’s from pharmer joe himself


On today’s run?

After dewax, celite, then t5, and celite. Over 8 micron and then 1 micron. It got a wee yellow. I’ll add more next time. Flows like a it wasn’t even in the way.


That would certainly be good enough.


Soinds like DE is gonna be the go to over Alumina. Gonna see what sourcing bulk looks like.


Maybe a bit of Silica 60 or alumina to pull that last bit of yellow?


That happens to me when i have chaneling.


I wasn’t using all the media I normally use. I was just using clay to see how much it would do alone. Don’t know if it channeled. I’ll open it up and see. I need to get a small spool section instead of using multiple stacks.


I dig the multible stacks. For me that would work beter. So i can dry and purge medea to reuse. Like to isolate each one. I think it works beter than bending.


That’s what I made homie order yesterday. I got 4x 4x4 spools that we will run a filter plate under and have over 5” above the plate and if needed run one on top to keep all the powders together.


Its hard for me to swap sleeves that way. I know the powders are not spent yet and the tane gassing inbetween columns causes channeling for me. So i need to swap powders with each column. I found if they are not spent yet you can heat purge them and reuse. I also notice they work beter layered and not blended. So isolation is key for my baby skeeves


I don’t blend them. I layer them, as well. I don’t like using the multiple stacks because I fill the space between the plate layers and it would be easier to keep even without them in the way


I understand.


Someone mentioned using filter socks to separate the different medias way earlier, or would that cause channelling around the outside of the socks?


I’m working in cellulose-T5 pucks that can be used to separate medias. Just waiting on the manufacturer to send the samples so I can test em.


Is that the new lenticular concept you had mentioned working on earlier?


I would love if someone made lintucular filters that could be used in this application. Swap them out each run and have it contain all the media needed for the size of runs


Thats what we’re doing! The first samples are T5, T41, and MagsilPR @Dred_pirate

I’m gonna be testing them for flow rate and activity before autorizing production. Gotta get papers signed for cobranding et al.

I’m containing my excitement on this one till launch.


Now we’re talking!


Another primary goal is to provide pH modifications and extra filtration capacity. DE and Carbon depth filters are the norm…but those manufacturers don’t have access to the clays we distribute…until now :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: