Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



Yes, and encourage anyone to try. Activated carbon is sometimes used this way but clays would likely outperform.


I was speaking amount a larger amount of butane not hindering winterization, sorry for the confusion.


Could you send me that paper you were reading, I had heard another person on this forum, beaker I think.

Talking about an acn/hexane partition but it was for the removal of mycotoxins (?) Do you think that co2 systems that ultilize a secondary solvent would be the king of for pretty much all remediation procedures since its polarity can be manipulated so easily and it’s already a totally enclosed system?

@Intergalactic save that chunk it would be perfect to show the colors under UV light.


Its in the CBN paper by Pollostro @ScoobyDoobie


Interesting. My first sleeve went fantastic. Perfectly clear. Pull my column stirred my powders and pressed them by hand So i used the same powder on my second sleeve. I noticed alot more color on my second push though the same powder. Maybe Channing going on. Not sure yet. But i did notice a bunch of color in the magnesol


My second run was darker at first added more powder and they would clear up, yesterday though I did run two on my powders pulled it off before the third removed and replaced the AA repressed and went to run it again and dramatic color difference. I believe it is to do with the possibly distrubing the bands of colors the media caught



Im not going to stir this time and see what happens .

I think i going to try a larger sleeve also and see what happens


I got constant results yesterday on 12 pounds/ two runs of material with
Bottom to top
Celite 1.3 cups
T-41 1 cup
T-5 2.6 cups
Silica 2.6 cups
Magnesol 2 cups
Activated alumina 2.6 cups

Today I am reusing the t-41 and celite as I am running out of both

Today I am running
Celite 1.3
T-41 1
T-5 4
Silica 4
Magsol 3
Activated alumina 2
In hopes of hitting at least 18 pounds of material ideally 24


If anyones interested in learning a lot more on this concept look into SMB chromatography.


I dont think changing columns and not changing powders is the way to go.

I noticed to powders hold alot of tane and when i change out sleeves it causes the powder to stir. I added more powder made it a bit beter but not the desired result.

Going to try a taller sleeve next with the same amount of powders


@sonicgardens ve you considered slowly ramping the pressure with n2 gas to and then bleeding off the pressure in an attempt to purge the butane out of the filter bed?


I dont have n2. I did pour out the powders and am vacuuming them atm. Going to try to reuse them

That was my last pour
It looks great but not my goal


My Cartridge is a separate unit because my machine is rack mounted, with valves so I don’t see the power sturring. Today results aren’t going as well as yesterday’s wondering if it’s because of the reduced amount of AA


You were able to pull all the gasses out of the powders in between columns


I think the solvent evaporating may cause problems with channeling because the solvent will cause small cavities from the expansion of the gas as vacuum pressure builds.

I think inert gas stripping would be effective in this case


I saw that also when i change columns. I pull vac again but it doesnt change the results.

Hopefully vacuuming out the tane of my used powders might help. I doubt they r spent.


I doubt it too.


wow thats amazing !


24x3 sleesleeve first push

Turned out amazing


Good to hear, I use 3" spools :slightly_smiling_face:

So was the only different factor the diameter of your bleaching spool?