Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



Everything was the same except the amount of material increased


Im trying something like you were talking about. I realeased pressure below the powders andI left everything connected during the pour. Now im repushing everything again and seem to be having good results.


Oh lol I thought you used 4" spools. Well that’s good to know that the alumina isnt necessary for that amount of color reduction.


Dumb question. Are you adding this sleeve after your column? Or is your material in the 3x24 with the clays/powders


3x24 material
3x6 filter. Not full
Silica .25 cup
T41 .5 cup


You pack it any? The media?


I’m sorry if you already have and I missed it, but can you post a pic of your setup ready to rock.


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Lol I’m just confused as to how he’s running a column and then the filter. Stacked?


It stands to reason each batch of material, based off different variables like temperature, age, water content, pesticides, natural pigment variations, etc, will need different media(s) to remediate the results of those variables in our final product.

I really like the idea of being able to generally reach accurate predictions of which medias will be necessary based off educated assumptions in relation to those variables.

Man, I can’t keep my mind on track there’s so many things in this thread I’m constantly thinking about…

@sonicgardens When you got these results do you remember how much media, how much solvent, and how much material you used?

For comparison, can you mention the amount of material and solvent used in your most recent run with the magnesol, silica 60, t41? I’m really excited to compare your finished recent slab to the finished slab in the picture I quoted.


I know I was just jokin.


My filter arrangement after my dewax chamber


No i didnt


Yes you did. I seent it.


Not this time around


This is my best run to date and my second run on the cart

Photos don’t do justice totally clear and no pigment
I need better lighting I’ll take a photo in natural light.
This was on
Celite 1.3 cups
T-41 1 cup
T-5 2.6 cups
Silica 2.6 cups
Magnesol 2 cups
Activated alumina 2.6 cups


The last run with the 24x3 sleeve i stated i used t41, silica and magnesol. I lied. I didnt use any magnesol.

I will got back and edit what i used.

Also after cooking used media at 185 and vacuuming at -20 for 1.5 hrs it seems like it works without channeling


I’m just saying silly things


Today’s run was flowing beautifully.


Have you tried pressing the powders down again after vacuum drying the filter cake?