Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



I’m sure they won’t take notice to the hour it was sent and specific application. Haha. But, let’s hope t will react well in hydrocarbons


Lol your definitely right about that I’m not expecting a response until at least tomorrow morning but i excited at the idea. :grin:


thank you thank you thank you.


no prior distillation needed for n2?


Nope, just bump to the top ur vapor side solvent tank, u’ll need regulator to not blow the cls and prvs at every isolation spot


You’re gonna love how much you have to buy to get it straight from the manufacturer. Some of the resins can be found in water filtration supply while others have to be specially ordered. We waited almost 2 months to get the ones we’re playing with.


I posted about my experience on one of @future4200 IG posts. It seemed to help with color but the residue had tons of cannabinoids in it. Hoping that butane acts differently then the liquid solvents we used.


Thats why you need the welded in filter plate, no leaks.

heres a 4" config filter for @Terptastic !


That looks great!


Haven’t had anything get through yet, but one is definately useful


is that filter you posted there, a better design from the one posted at the beginning of the post? can more be made and purchased?


Question to everyone jingling around with this, any one seeing any problems with having the order of materials going — plant material first, filtration media/filters second, ball valve - then collection/recovery pot? or has anyone noticed that doing the filter media is better after the ball valve, so in turn would be — plant material, ball valve, filtration media, then on to collection pot?


After ball value would require more attention when releasing tane into powder. To much pressure at first might cause channeling


No, just a different configuration. They are made to order to fit your specific needs.



Isobutane is an alkane that is propane substituted by a methyl group at position 2. It has a role as a food propellant and a refrigerant. It is an alkane and a gas molecular entity.


I run mine after ball valve so I can change powders re press it all while I am recovering remaining solvent in material, I open the valve very very slowly, and I am most likely going to a needle valve to make life easier.


@Soxhlet @Dred_pirate

Do we have an idea on a single media that took most the colors out?

If u had to chose the media you thought to be doing the best at grabbing color? Or is there not one standing out


I think t5 if only had to pick one


Yep, the bentonite/T5


What was your media formula for those beautiful slabs on insta? It looked like it came out really stable!