Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.


Those filters will be game changing. Save the headache of dealing with the powders when swapping the media. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for this.



Its hard to swap columns without swapping medea also. That causes channeling unless you can isolate your medea under vac.



Ty Shadownaught and carbon chemistry for your generosity.



Like wise!



Now the only thing I can think of an issue is with predone cartridges is the fact that some people run larger runs or some material needs more powders then others, so maybe a small plate say about an inch tall and you could stack multiple on top of each other so you can get the desired amount of media.

I’m not forgoing the idea of this I think it would just be hard to make a one size fits all with over sizing it for some or undersizing it for others. But please absolutely kill it and make this a easy convenient thing I’m so tired of the mess :sweat:

I already have a machinist working on drop in cylinders so we can just swap the media with out needing to tear off the spool every time a repack is needed.



Has anyone mentioned packing the majic media at the bottom of the material column then packing material right on top to keep from swishing around to help stop channeling… run filter paper and normal filtrate under material column

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Dump the spent material and spent media in the same garbage bag when done



One variable I don’t see often mentioned is how tightly people are packing their media. Given the success with filter stacks, I’m not sure if 100psi+ is necessary, but uniformity sounds like a huge variable. Would just manual packing with a dowel rod suffice? Asking before I spend a bunch of money at the machine shop making custom ram rods that can be used with a hydraulic press.

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Dowel wouldn’t be even enough. Try doing that with the silica



And it would need at least some pressure to keep it in place. It didn’t stay put when I was using the arbor press and that wasn’t very hard pressed



I used the fliter plate and a screen under it to pack filter stacks. Heavey duty clamp and impact gun.
The screen helped out a lot.

Loose pack worked good also. Psi started about 70 to 80 slowly open valve until it stabilized at 30 to 50



So far all of my runs have been loose packed, but I do run solvent through the filter stack to wet the bed prior to running my material column through it. I have an ironfist hydraulic column packer, I can use to pack the filter. I’ll give it a shot next round. I’ll do a couple hundred PSI. Can go up to 4K PSI, but fear a clog.



Do you run tane through your powders before you run your material



If so your powders are gasses tane causing your push to channel. Just do your run with dry piwders

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@Dred_pirate Picked this guy(6ton) up at harbor freight. Think we can get em packed with it? :grin:



Hey guys. I know a few of you have run some with and without filtration comparisons. Even for those who haven’t what kind of yields are you guys getting out of these trim runs?

Anyone done a nug run yet?



I ran 1lb of smalls, lil buds to small to go out the door. But i nvr get big yields. Trim was about 10-11% after filtration only had a 1-2% lose on trim with 1 push

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Anybody get anything like this thinking I need a smaller micron filter

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What um paper are you using



20-26 um took the oldest trim in the vault and got this color first pass through t-41 silica only kinda weird consistency looks like sugar .

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