In search of Cbg flower

Hello I am in search of 2 pounds smokable cbg flower.

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I got a guy that has some how much u looking to spend?

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Anywhere from 500 to 700 per pound dependent on quality.

He has organic and non organic at a good price where are you located

Shoot me a DM

I got. A COA on it…

I found from a friend at 700 per pound as well, I’ll have to text him to check inventory

I can beat most market prices, shoot me a dm or text (541) 373 0358

Package received everything looks great. Thanks so much. I Highly recommend contacting @Hunter2152 if you are in search of hemp flower.

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Thank you so much for your review! Don’t forget to give me a Third party coa from that order And I can cut off 25$ from your next one :sunglasses:.

offer please cbg flower