In need of advice to improve visual appeal of Delta-9

hello all. so my lab lab is growing in many aspects. we specialize in carts at the moment, but we are in the middle of adding a confectionary kitchen (kinda beside the point, sorry) i was wondering what i could to improve not only the color but the smell as well. in a 3000 ml beaker, it still comes out a very light amber color. i know i havent added any info about the processes, but thats because im not sure how much is relevant. so if any enlightenment in needed, feel free ask.

Idk what you think u can do using a beaker… do you have a shortpath? Could probably just be ran one more time


sorry, lol. we use them as collection vessels

How about a simple vacuum assisted Buchner funnel set up? You can run media in small batches.
Plus a cheap diaphragm pump

Or things here:

I’ll bet there’s something for sale here on the site

Your distillate comes out light amber.

You’re about to add edibles.

You don’t like the color.

Not a lot to work with…

  1. show us the color
  2. how did you get there?
  3. what color are you hoping for?
  4. what do you have for gear?

Suggesting maybe a WFE?!?

This is like pulling teeth…

Edit: Liquid diamonds is just distillate, change my mind