I'm stuck at home

On the third day of working at home, the pause button was pressed in Zhengzhou City.
Adults worked at home, children took online classes at home, and temporary vegetable, grain and oil purchase points were set up in the community, and 10 people were limited to buying vegetables at a time. Looking forward to going to work normally after May 10th.
Anyhow, any question from my dear customers please contact me, I am always there.


Is this a cry for help damn these packaging advertisements are getting good 🥲


Heard a lot of concerning news coming from your side of the world… Hope you and your loved ones are doing alright.


hiding in plain sight

This sucks there are so many good chinese people that the CCP is oppressing and abusing.
China/CCP demanded Sony remove the Statue of Liberty from the newest Spider-Man movie in order to secure release in China. Sony refused, costing the company a Chinese release. Bravo, Sony. We need more companies standing up to China.


They all shill to China in some way lol


Sounds like if you don’t have enough social credit points you might not be getting fed…




It’s always a riot, you can tell who buys the CIA propaganda simply by seeing who calls the CPC the CCP, lol…

It’s CCP.


That sounds really stressful. I hope you and your family are provided for. People are still testing positive for Covid here but there are no lockdowns and restrictions are virtually over. God bless you!!


I know you’re not going to take my word for it and you’re just going to call it CIA propaganda, regardless of what I tell you I’ve seen with my own eyes, so why don’t you take the word of someone who lived there in china 15 years and is married to a chinese girl who’s the whole family still lives in china.

And as long as you’re at it why don’t you check out this channel-

Or is this CIA as well?


Every chinese person I’ve met online have been pretty cool and down to earth, but it’s mainly the younger generation that are the ones chatting online. It’s mostly their ‘boomer era’ that still feel that communist patriotism that media wants you to be afraid of.

I have this idea… China’s economic progress might be scary at first, but it’s because of that economic progress and connection to people in other cultures through business, that it’s directly challenging the propaganda they’ve been exposed to and, ironically, leading to more free thought… ahh, capitalism $$$

Something else I thought was funny… seems that the millenial gen in China kinda know that their state media is bullshit. Just like US! Lol


Actually you’re wrong. You should look up the history of how George Bush Senior pushed for China to get into the world trade organization thinking exactly like you do. Regardless of how individual Chinese feel and act unfortunately they all fall under the umbrella of the CCP, at least as long as they are in China. The implications of which are far reaching and detrimental to the Western way of life.


I like that you always seem to have a good counterpoint. Now I’ve got something interesting to read up on :v:


Here’s an interesting take on what is currently going on in china with the lockdown, by an american who lived in china for about a decade and a half and is married to a Chinese girl-

Yeah you don’t know anything about the culture of China.

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Saw a interview with a guy who worked in hong kong for 15-20 yrs and that there plan is to steal there way to the top. Cheaper to buy and reverse engineer than to do r&d. Seems about right so far


How are you doing? Some of the news coming out of China is disturbing. What’s your experience?

Serpentza is a content creator that realized he can make more money bashing china than being objective… it’s all about marketing and clicks. He’s a huge joke. Not a journalist.

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