I'm shutting down the forum on Lab Overflow

After 3 months I’m shutting down the forum (https://forum.laboverflow.com/).

Its not very active and just draining money for not a lot of benefit… besides all the cool labs are here, right.


Nothing wrong with trying something and realizing maybe energy could be better spent pivoting to a new project. There’s plenty of opportunities in this space to create software to solve problems.


I’d say there is space for a forum specific to cannabis analytical testing but it might be hard to get enough folks active in the forum. The analytical guys are super busy alot of the time and if they do have any questions/advice, there are more active forums for general analytical chemistry (chromforum.org etc) with good expertise, although not necessarily cannabis specific. I think it would take some work to get a bunch of good cannabis analytical chemists to stick to a forum… Not sure exactly what it would take… Honestly this forum is not it though, too much side tracked bs imo.

I do like your job board though, please keep that going.


Thanks for the feedback.

How about a private Slack group with chemists that are willing to help and share knowledge?


I think cannabis specific analytical chemistry forum is way too niche imo. Would take a very long time to establish a good user base. A lot of the problems found in doing analytical chemistry in cannabis isn’t specific to cannabis; they’re chemistry problems first and foremost. I think having a broad chem forum with a section for cannabis would be the best of both


Possibly would be helpful to have the contributors private but would be nice to have the discussion open for public to view, for the sake of spreading information.

I agree with ionstorm though, it is pretty niche and would have a small user base. A subsection for cannabis testing on an already active analytical forum would be best. I suppose a subreddit would also work but then it’s reddit and there can be some real shit for brains on there.

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@superluvdub i just found your forum today. I’m just now learning the hplc we have in-house. Kind of bummed to hear you are shutting it down, but I do understand your need to. Time and money… one of the two usually runs out sooner than later.


Watch this space.

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This space as in this forum?

Because this costs us very little money to host and consumes very little of either mine or @sidco time to maintain

Somehow it continues to grow with zero advertising


Absolutely watch this space. See how commitment and dedication work. @sidco is the man. I’m so thankful for this community and his hard work.


What was one thing you did that made the biggest impact on the forum?

And how long had you been running the forum before that ?

This is honestly saluted.

As a forum owner. I highly recommend the experiece for all. Even as i support this forum. I must admit. It has steered me from making my own because ive appreciated the ability to be somewhat a neutral hosting brand.


I’d like to do something consumer oriented, all of the current weed forums are mostly grow/processing oriented at this point


That would probably be the hardest one to moderate fairly.


Such a big opening honestly due to the inevitable death of this site. If it isnt taken on as a full responsibility.

Who could possibly have prepared for such…

yeah, I think it’d take a lot of work to navigate conflicts of interest

anything is better than the predatory reddit subs at this point though


I think youll find less small site forums as reality strikes. They themselves may one day soon be treasured. In their preserved rip forms.

It’ll probably die down at some point in the relative near future but this kinda seems like wishful thinking at the moment.

Understanding the evolution of websites. This website is reliant off discourse and is dead in the water if yall dont get sidco participating. Hosting isnt free and many have been more problems than solutions.